Trade wars kill the economy China entangles the national crisis Americas Daily

If large American companies withdraw from China, they can cause huge unemployment and social problems.

VOA Chinese Network pointed out that the trade war may be a gamble between the US and China on the national movement. The risk of the trade dispute between the two parties escalating to an extensive trade war is still there. The biggest concern of China is that big American companies move their production lines from China, which is what triggers China. Large-scale unemployment and social problems in the most prosperous coastal areas. The Chinese Minister of Finance Liu Kun accepted a Reuters interview on Friday that the trade war has affected employment. The Chinese government will increase spending and provide financial support to affected workers and unemployed.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Chinese officials have listened to the question of whether large American technology companies will be relocating production equipment from China. An American technology manager said that the company's assessment of withdrawal from China depends on the duration of the trade war. In November, the United States and China have still not reached an agreement, it will be a reasonable choice to get the factory out of China to avoid tariffs, because the trade war will be extended by another year.

The robot industry that falls under "Made in China 2025" is clearly influenced by the trade war. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics of China show that the annual growth of Chinese robot production takes place from 5 May. One percent fell sharply to six in July. Three percent. Analysts are of the opinion that the industrial machinery and robot parts of China are taxed by the United States, and that domestic manufacturers have been delayed in production, apparently in connection with the trade war.

The second wave of tariffs between the United States and China was launched on Thursday: the $ 16 billion product of the US tariff on China and Canada was mainly focused on the "Made in China 2025" project, including semiconductors and production automation. Projects such as robot production, the first wave of US rates on China's $ 340 million product list, call industrial robots directly.

The Chinese Minister of Finance admits that labor participation has been affected

Liu Kun said that the current tariff measures on both sides had a certain negative impact on gross domestic product (GDP). If it continues, the effect will be "deeper" and concerns will affect employment in China. Polls show that urban unemployment in China is four in June. Eight percent rose to five in July. One percent, close to the officially established maximum unemployment rate of five. Five percent. If the trade war between the US and China escalates, the next phase of Washington's tax on China's $ 200 billion in products may enter into force in September, which will directly damage the Chinese processing industry.

Hong Kong businessman Jess, who set up a factory in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, believes that the first two tariff measures for US wave rates have a greater impact on Chinese state-owned enterprises, but as the US $ 200 billion rate is levied on products, it is estimated that half of the factories in Guangdong will close. Consumer goods in the United States are included … and evacuation (China) is the only way. "Free times 0824

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