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The mobile phone of Xiaomi is always famous in the industry for its "price-performance ratio". Xiaomi 8, recently listed in Hong Kong, is one of the most prestigious flagships of recent times, but this record has been rewritten by Xiaomi itself today.

Xiaomi has today (August 22) a new product launch in India, with the first mobile phone F1 of the new brand POCOPHONE was introduced. F1 has in fact all high-end flagship hardware specifications, including narrow-edge "full-screen" big man, built-in power, double front and rear mirrors and even a liquid-cooled design that is still rare in the mobile phone industry. From $ 2400! What's even more exciting is that Xiaomi has decided to introduce this machine to the Hong Kong market! !

Simple design says "connotation"

The design of the Xiaomi POCOPHONE F1 mobile phone is not a smart design, the machine uses a full screen of 6.18 吋, 18.7: 9 "M-marks" The back of the machine is made of polycarbonate material with a fingerprint scanner and a double lens. View the lens. A pattern with a red circle has been added, which is quite striking.

Xiaomi POCOFONE arrives in Hong Kong next week!

The hardware specification is without doubt the most important selling point of POCOPHONE F1. In addition to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as a processor, the memory configuration is up to 8GB RAM. There is no problem in general operation and play. Xiaomi is more POCOPHONE F1 additive. Thanks to the heat, the body can maintain a low body temperature, even after a long game.

The recording specifications of POCOPHONE F1 are similar to those of Xiaomi 8. The front lens is 20 megapixels, but as far as the main lens is concerned, POCOPHONE has removed one of the 12 megapixel telephony mirrors and switched to 12 megapixels + 5 megapixels. Combination of dual lenses, AI scene recognition and portrait bokeh of Xiaomi 8 can be used before and after

On the battery side POCOPHONE has added 4000 mAh of electricity, which is said to work 8 hours. Xiaomi has merged POCOFONE and iPhone X. After playing three "Valor of Arena Legends", POCOPHONE F not only has better FPS numbers, but also cooler and uses less power.

Does the new Launcher big bags sell for free?

Although it is also from Xiaomi, POCOFONE F1 is preloaded with a new interface called POCO Launcher, which is similar in operation to native Android, but this Launcher app drawer can be classified based on the type of apps or the colors of apps . Some apps can be hidden.

Users who are interested in trying POCO Launcher can download the beta version on Google Play next week and install it on top of other Android phones.

Record-breaking price / performance ratio?

In terms of price, the price of POCOPHONE F1 is absolutely low, the most affordable version is 6 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM, India costs 20,999 rupees, has been converted to Hong Kong dollars about 2,400 and its 8 GB RAM + 256 GB ROM top version is only 28,999 rupees, which is HK $ 3,300. As far as the cost performance is concerned, it is bound to surpass the current Xiaomi 8 available in Hong Kong!

Users interested in POCOPHONE F1 do not have to worry, because Xiaomi has already sent an invitation to the Hong Kong conference and will announce the detailed list information of POCOFON in Hong Kong next Monday, August 27, with the question whether this will continue use. Attract the price to sell? It is necessary to pay attention to our follow-up reports!

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