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At the same time, the summer beverage market came in high season and the performance of Xuyuan (8421-TW), a beverage packaging plant, was also strong: the legal entity estimated that sales in August will reach a record high of 123 million yuan, but the latest trend of Xuyuan is investing in the niche. It is expected that medical and food packaging materials will shine in this new area from 2019 onwards.

Asahi has the advantages of machinery, equipment, printing and raw materials, and the company's latest planned investment in niche-based medical and food safety packaging materials is Xuyuan's packaging products of packaged beverages, bottled beverage shrink film, laminated food bags. In the area of ​​fast-moving products, we have further acceded to value-added packaging materials such as biotechnology, medical beauty, food safety and other products.

Xuyuan produced a technical mask laminating bag packaging from the Meixin plant in Taiyi last year and has already achieved the results of the shipment of the listed medical company. Xu Yuan said the company has a large number of such niche products. The development of market demand, the new team is completely in place, at the same time, Xuyuan and the new plant in Hsinchu, renting 400 pings for the production of value-added products such as biotechnology, medical beauty, food safety and other products, all equipment will be in November Instead it is estimated that sales will be contributed next year.

Asahi is optimistic about the market potential of niche functional laminating bags. The company has unveiled, in addition to the new team to develop this market, that this business unit will not exclude itself from becoming a subsidiary in the future and is expected to become a small golden chicken. made a big contribution to the profits of Xuyuan.

In addition, Xuyuan is also driven by the business opportunities in the market for drinks in the overseas market. This year, under the strong demand from the Nigerian and Indian regions, it also invests 30 million yuan in the Indonesian production line and is expanding it further. out in the original three production lines. Printed lines help the supply and market share of local packaging products.

At present, including Hongquan and Xuyuan, they also develop overseas activities in addition to the local market in Taiwan, Hongquan has taken up important markets in Asia and developed its own branded beverage products, and even entered the African market, while Xuyuan Brazil, Indonesia, etc. . Includes. Areas with demographic dividends also become the focus of the business development of the company.

Xuyuan currently has factories in Brazil and Indonesia, and it has the advantages of one-stop production of machines, equipment, printing and raw materials. "The project is planning to expand the operation of the two places Xuyuan's shrink wrap packaging materials are integrated into the unified (1216-The supply chain of brand manufacturers such as TW) and Black Pine (1234-TW), the revenue share of this year in shrink film, is expected to grow by 10% compared to last year's sales.

Xuyuan's financial report for the first half of this year, revenue was 588 million yuan, gross profit margin was 20.43%, net profit after tax was 27.58 million yuan, which net profit after tax of 7.84 million yuan last year. Annual growth amounted to 25.5 times net earnings per share. 0.52 yuan. The legal entity estimates that its annual turnover will amount to about 1.2 billion yuan, but profits will be significantly improved.

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