After the death of the man he wrote a message "Thank you for helping to collect the body" Family: his soul is free Apple Daily

"Thank you for helping me collect the corpse" "Weibo" user "Wind" said on the spot on Friday (28) at 11.30 am to issue a "Suicide Declaration", one day earlier in Nanjing , Jiangsu Province. Suicide in the house, and the statement is issued via the "timed function". The mail immediately caught the attention of the netizens, and the Jiangbei New District Office of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received the public alarm and went on the spot to investigate. On the last Saturday (29), at 6.30 in the evening, the official Weibo account was released and confirmed. "Wind is not bad" has died.

"I committed suicide more than a day ago, I burned charcoal, this is a regular microblog, and people who have trouble seeing it help me to report a policeman." The "suicide manifest" issued by the "Weibo" user "Wind" He revealed that he committed suicide in a rented house on a residential area in the district of Pukou and finally wrote: "Thank you, this is no joke, thank you for helping me to collect the body. " The home page of the account has been emptied and his profile shows that the deceased was a 21-year-old man from the city of Maanshan in the province of Anhui.

After the exposure to the network, the station immediately caused a large number of netizens to discuss and watch out. Many people became even more concerned about this. At the local time last Friday (28th), around 3:00 pm, someone argued & # 39; windy & # 39; to be. The friend responded in the comments from the netizen: "Thank you, I have already sent it to the funeral company." At that time, many netizens thought that only some people had mischief and jokes.

The police, however, gave the following afternoon a notification to confirm: at noon on the same day, after arrival at the rented house at the address of the public, the party was found dead. The gap between the door and the window was made transparent tape from the inside of the room sealed. There was burnt charcoal ash on the floor. . After the investigation on the spot, the murder was excluded and the relatives of the deceased went to the police station to help with the handling. At this moment the family has released a "microblogging" on the "Wind", saying that "he has always been very excited, so that the family can be assured that even this time it is clean." He went to what he thought was a beautiful place, his Body, his soul, his free. "(Qiu Yuqin / extended report)

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Suicide can not solve the problem, but it is very regrettable for the family.
Give yourself another chance
Suicide prevention consultation peace of mind: 0800-788995 (24 hours)
Lifeline Association Line: 1995
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Combine photo & # 39; s. Quoted from Weibo

Men use the "timed function" to issue a suicide statement. Quoted from Weibo

The crime scene. Quoted from Weibo

The crime scene. Quoted from Weibo

The man's family removed all messages on Weibo and sent a message "He went to the place he thought was beautiful, his body, his soul, completely free." Quoted from Weibo

The local police also issued a document to Weibo confirming that the man had burnt charcoal and died. Quoted from Weibo

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Students in the wild nude photographing calendar to save the victims of drought and suffering

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