Will resign again "Competitive game a lot" Exposure to Wu Zongxian is "this reason" – Zhongshi News

Wu Zongxian and his daughter Sandy attended the press conference of the Admiralty of "Little Star Big Follower" yesterday. They were asked that Fei Yuqing would seal the wheat after the tour next year, and he would retire from the amusement ring and let him sigh: "The younger brother's voice is public money, it is not allowed, retirement, and then himself blew in the near future, I would like to resign three times: "The variety is great."

Wu Zongxian revealed that he had given up the "Variety" program three times because "the price was adjusted by resignation and the price was adjusted three times." However, it seems that the reward is somewhat dissatisfied, so he can say that he really wants it in the near future. Let me rest. As far as I am concerned, I still have no reticent thoughts, I am even more convinced that I can continue to do like Zhang Xiaoyan, and I hope that fans who care about him do not have to worry.

For Fei Yuqing to withdraw from the entertainment industry next year, Hugua also plans to retire in recent years. Wu Zongxian said: "Less one enemy, how many more cards come back, people will be like him, and they will turn around if they are beautiful." "If you do not see it soon," he said, "The younger brother is forever my idol, I want to learn from him."

(China Times Newsletter)

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