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Reporter Tian Weiwei / Extensive report

The entertainer Luo Zhixiang was leaked on the Internet on the 5th in a private IG conversation that appeared to be his assistant. The content revealed that a particular net beauty “had a very hot fight with the director and would do it once a week.” After the incident, he urgently stated that the account was stolen and reported. In this regard, netizens have made two voices, and ex-girlfriend Zhou Yangqing has also posted on IG, the content is reminiscent.

After Zhou Yangqing’s relentless judgment of Luo Zhixiang, his career went so well, in addition to the apparel brand’s impressive side activities, he also got into the Internet beauty industry’s television circle to take part in the new reality show. After Luo Zhixiang was involved in the turmoil in her assistant’s private messages, she accidentally uploaded a funny video on IG, writing, “I almost passed out with a smile.”

▲ Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up 8 months (photo / retrieved from IG)

▲ Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up for 8 months. (Image / Retrieved from IG)

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Only 7 words, but by coincidence at the time, it caused a lot of discussion about whether the outside world insinuated Luo Zhixiang. In fact, Luo Zhixiang repeatedly apologized in an interview a few days ago, saying he would be responsible for not dodging. He also clarified the innocent allegations he had been charged with over the years, including not abusing O’Hansheng as a soldier to steal Makiyo, and did not accuse his teacher Sun Derong of sexual harassment.

Luo Zhixiang’s assistant, nicknamed Liu, broke out about drunk driving in early November, and on the 5th there was a supposedly private conversation with the assistant. The content of the conversation stated, “Everyone forgot. Fortunately it was overshadowed by other news and no one was killed.” The climate there, “I was asked by a friend,” Did the director scold you? “, And even replied “No, just say cautious, because there’s an interview to clean up and tell us we shouldn’t be causing any trouble lately,” revealing that a certain net beauty “talks to the director.” It’s very popular and I do it once a week. “

▲ Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up 8 months (photo / retrieved from IG)

▲ Zhou Yangqing IG PO Article. (Image / Retrieved from IG)

In response to the outflow of private messages, Luo Zhixiang’s agent responded to “ETtoday Starlight Cloud” and said, “The stolen account is a false identity spreading false rumors and has been submitted to the police.” It was revealed to the police that the assistant’s identity had been stolen to spread rumors. Report.

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