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The magazine "Forbes" today announced the rich 2018 list of Taiwan, and Hon Hai's chair Guo Taiming's possession has shrunk for the last time by 23%, still busy with the Caijia brothers of the Fubang Group, which first finished in second place. This is the first time that since 2010 he has again entered the richest throne of Taiwan.

According to Forbes, although Guo Taiming's assets have declined by $ 2.2 billion over the past year, he remains proud of all the richest people in Taiwan for $ 7.3 billion. The Weixin 4 brothers of Dingxin Group were 2nd with 7.2 billion dollars, the Cathay Pacific Brothers were 3rd with 7.1 billion dollars.

The Cai Mingzhong and Cai Mingxing brothers of the Fubang Group slipped from the top of the list to fourth place and the number of family assets was re-evaluated to $ 5.7 billion. Wang Yanming, president of Want Want Group, was 5th with $ 5.6 billion.

Lin Shuhong, the founder of Changchun Group, had the most asset growth this year and rose to 6th with 3.9 billion dollars, Lin Baili, chairman of Quanta, 7th with 3.6 billion dollars and Sun Moonlight Group with Zhang Yusheng and Zhang Hongben as 8th with 3.2 billion dollars Chen Taiming, chairman of Guoju, placed himself in 9th place with US $ 3.1 billion and Luojie, founder of Zhengxin Rubber Group, was 10th with $ 2.9 billion.

(Central News Agency)

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