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Yu Taiyun, deputy squadron leader of the fire brigade who was seriously injured and deformed in the gas explosion incident in Kaohsiung, supported Chen Qimai when he was interviewed on the 10th. He was attacked by the Korean Yu supporter on the PTT and the article was broken. It also attracted the Kaohsiung 81 gas explosion self-releasing president Chen Guanrong to answer the face, the original PO apologized in the evening PO text, promising he would not take the disaster to speak again.

The netizen of the ivorysoap account quoted the news from PTT and approved Yu Taiyun, he said he would sing a black-and-white face code. He criticized the city government for not treating it, Chen Qimai thought to keep you occupied with this and thanked him for splitting the personality. "White Lady Detoxification, Xu Xian detoxification, then you support Xu Xian as the mayor."

Many netizens immediately touched their faces, pointing out that the injured card is the central Weifu department, and it is being blamed by the Kaohsiung City government, some people still criticize it, and they do not know how to control it. This article also caught the gas explosion self-reliant doctor Chen Guanrong personally on the PTT interpretation of the incident.

Chen Guanrong, the RADIUM report, showed his identity in the beginning and denounced the comments of ivorysoap as bull shit. He said that when Yu Taiyun was seriously injured and sent to the ICU, Yu Taiyun believed that there were other injuries required by the ICU, so he volunteered to leave the ICU, he did not expect the number of hospital stays in the ICU in the future would be insufficient, plus the second hospital that would be transferred. It is not possible to determine a head injury card, so the condition is not met and the application can not be applied successfully.

Chen Guanrong said that the injury of Yu Taiyun was much worse than many people who received the subsidy. At that time the doctors thought that there was room for space. The then mayor Chen Ju also believed that the indulgent should be acknowledged but the authority of the medical team ends only with identifying its data. The board does not meet the requirements of the conditions, can not read the medical record, can only call back and is eventually accompanied by the senior city authorities Yu Taiyun, seeking the identity of the same doctor Chen Qimai Chen, so that the medical data of Chen Qimai can be understood to health insurance The agency discussed and asked for it and eventually helped Yu Taiyun successfully to get the "Significant Injury Card" that should be given to him.

In the end, Chen Guanrong also became angry that "many people see the needles, talk about conspiracy theories, ruin things and knock them up, but people who have to work hard." Netizens also commented on "hard work", "thank you for your explanation", "there are people I want to use the disaster to fight the election, not words."

Ivorysoap apologizes in the evening PO text "I IVORYSOAP does not understand the experience of Mr. Yu, while he speaks superficially about the words, so that Mr. Yu is injured, excuse me here. I do not have the intention or the possibility to be the victim of to make the gas explosion a joke, to gloat and hope that similar unfortunate incidents will never happen again in Taiwan, "but they are still being beaten by netizens.

The South Korean yoga camp said it insisted on clean elections and told the campaign team and supporters to "respect different positions and voices and rationally deal with elections".

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