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Do you know? You can also see your health through the shape, color and growth of your nails! Nagel is not only a platform for girls to waste their colors, but also a mirror for their health. In this regard, foreign websitesfrom

Bright sideList 16 things that can be explained about nails. If your nails suddenly become larger and wider, this means that the disaster is coming, so pay attention!

Nail color

Yellow nail

Under normal circumstances, yellow nails form a fungal infection. If left untreated, they can worsen. They can even change from yellow to green and become more vulnerable. Others such as aging, smoking or frequent use of inferior nail polish can cause yellow nails.

▲ nails, fingers. (Photo / reporter Zhou Yushe)

▲ Aging, smoking and the use of inferior nail polish can cause yellow nails. (Photo / reporter Zhou Yushe, the same below)

2. Gray-white nails with pink stripes on top (also known as Terry & # 39; s)

The presence of this color of nails means that you may have congestive heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes or some liver (hepatitis or cirrhosis), but & # 39; aging & # 39; can also be one of the factors that cause this type of nail. .

3. The nails are very pale

If your nails are very pale, it means that you may have problems with a lack of nutrition or blood circulation. Your blood can not run to your fingertips, there can be a lack of iron in your body and there will be anemia.

4. Dark red nails

A dark red nail indicates that you have a heart condition. If the red color extends to the sides of the nail, this may be a sign of an autoimmune disease called lupus.

5. Blue and purple nails

Blue violet nails mean that your body lacks oxygen and can have heart or lung problems such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

6. Other colors

In addition to the five more common nail polishes mentioned above, you may have thyroid disease or other nutritional problems if your nails turn brown and gray nails are usually caused by prescription drugs such as antimalarial drugs.

Nail texture

7. The top is fragile and split

Fragile and fragile nails are usually associated with hypothyroidism, and probably due to a deficiency of vitamins A, C and B7 in the body. In addition to these health problems, spasticity of the nail is probably also due to excessive use of light water.

▲ long nails, nails, nail painting, fingers, nail polish. (Photo / reporter Zhou Yushe)

▲ The fragile and fragile nails are probably the result of excessive use of water.

8. The surface has vertical lines

Just like wrinkles on the face, the appearance of a "vertical line" on the nail is also a normal phenomenon of aging. If you suffer from this condition at a young age, it means that you are missing vitamin B12 and magnesium in your body.

9. The surface has parallel lines

The parallel lines on the nail surface indicate that the nail is damaged, but sometimes the nail is probably also a precursor to a serious illness, such as scarlet fever, pneumonia or high fever.

10. There are wells

A hole in the nail surface indicates that you may have skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, and it can also be an early sign of mixed connective tissue disease, such as arthritis.

Nails. (Photo / Reporter Zhao Yuting)

▲ The appearance of a hole in the nail means that you have a skin problem. (schematic / reporter Zhao Yuting)

Nail growth

11. Anti-concave

If your nail surface is flat but curls up, it means you have bloody disease if there is too much iron in the body causing the disease. Haemochromatosis is also associated with anemia with iron deficiency, heart disease and poor blood circulation.

12. Get bigger and bend down (skull finger)

The nail suddenly becomes larger and bends downwards and becomes a skull finger & # 39; called. This form is usually caused by a lung disease and may even be related to liver, kidney, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease or AIDS. Do not neglect it.

▲ onychomycosis. (Photo / reporter Yan Yunzhen)

▲ The nails suddenly become bigger and bend downwards, most likely due to diseases such as the lungs. (schematic / reporter Yan Yunzhen)

13. throw off

If the nail seems to fall from top to bottom, it means that you have hyperthyroidism or that the thyroid gland releases too much hormone into the body.

Other problems

14. Black vertical line

Pay attention! If your nail has a "black vertical line", it means that this is a sign of sub melanoma, which is a very dangerous skin cancer. Although these black lines do not hurt you, you should go to the doctor right away, otherwise you will eventually become seriously ill.

▲ scratch the schedule. (Figure /

▲ There are black vertical lines on the nails that are probably signs of melanoma. (schematic / "ETtoday News Cloud" data folder)

15. Mie line

Most people think that the irregular white horizontal lines on the nails mean "calcium deficiency", but this is not the case at all! In fact, the appearance of white lines means that the diet is not balanced and the body lacks proteins. Moreover, this is probably also the result of heavy metal poisoning after kidney failure.

16. The surrounding skin is red and swollen

The redness around the nails means that this is an "inflammation of the nail folds". If it is accompanied by swelling, it is probably infected with paronychia. In addition, possible causes of red nail wrinkles include connective tissue disorders, in particular lupus disorders.

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