Love business mobile game "Love and Producer" preview The pre-reservation event will be officially launched tomorrow – Hong Kong mobile game network

"Love and Producer" is a brand new female masterly mobile game developed by the stacking game for 3 years, after the game was recorded on the mainland at the end of last year, it has achieved great success and has repeatedly entered the App.
Top10 of the best selling list in the store has won the reverberation of the majority of female players. After recording in South Korea in July of this year, he won the domination of the iOS champion in free lists the same day.

In the game, the producer plays the producer of the film company on the brink of bankruptcy and tries to save the company by meeting the four male characters in the game and making a romantic journey. Through the real social system and game interface in the game, the production people can exchange newsletters and phone calls with the four male characters, creating a realistic love experience.

"Love and Producer" has a super-realistic social system.

Not only that, but the game also offers an extensive function system, such as dating, photocopying, city news, etc., so that producers can enjoy a varied gaming experience.

"The Love and the Producer" brings you another immersive love experience through unique and innovative hand-in-hand experiences for women. "Not only that, but the official has officially announced that" Love and Producer "is about to be staged, and the event event will be officially opened tomorrow, just wait for the long-awaited producers!

Officials open Facebook fang groups today and producers can close the official group of fans and learn about the latest trends in Love & Producers! Official Facebook fan group:

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