Man-Made ‘Shock-Building Artifact’ Noisy Entire Building Claims to Be Listed Company Vice President Denied By Hon Hai | Apple News | Apple Daily

Neighbors have been in conflict with each other for a long time, and the man made his own “building-shaking artifact” to disturb his neighbors! A man nicknamed Xu (57 years old) in Yonghe, New Taipei City. Due to a noisy dispute with his neighbors upstairs, the two sides had a protracted disagreement. He made a building shaker and hit the ceiling for a long time to make a noise. He used this as a means of revenge. Unable to tolerate prolonged noise pollution, he was accused of interfering with his freedom. Police held an order from the New Taipei City prosecutor yesterday (29th) afternoon and detained Xu Nan on the case, finding relevant evidence in his home. Xu Nan paid 50,000 yuan in warranty.According to “Apple News”, Xu Nan claimed to be a deputy general manager of Hon Hai Group, but when the reporter called Hon Hai, Hon Hai said that such a person was not in the employee information.

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Obviously, Xu Nan and his neighbors have been complaining about wall noise for a long time. To get even with the neighbors, Xu Nan used the electric motors, wooden posts, timers and other items to assemble the building shaking tools himself. The tool jolted the ceiling and used the knocking sound to influence the rest and sleep of the neighbors upstairs, but the noise affected not only the residents above, but the entire building as well. In total, more than 10 people registered.

Police of New Taipei City’s Yonghe Department received the order from the District Attorney of the New Taipei City Attorney’s Office. Yesterday afternoon at 4 a.m., they went to Xu Nan’s home in Yonghe with an order from the prosecutor and arrested him. At the same time, he found relevant tools in his home. The exhibits were sent after the hearing on suspicion of impeding freedom. In my opinion, Xu Nan claimed to be the vice president of Hon Hai Group at the time of the call, but after inquiring, Hon Hai stated that there is no such vice president by the name of Xu.

It is clear that Xu Nan was the first to work at Poly as he was transferred to the Hon Hai class after being taken over by Hon Hai, but he has been leaving Hon Hai for a long time and will work at Chicony after a break . In this regard, Chicony stated that the person involved in the case had already resigned in 2019 and is no longer an employee of Chicony.

However, Xu Nan appointed human rights lawyer Zheng Wenlong to defend. Zheng Wenlong was dissatisfied with the police’s practices and angrily posted on Facebook, believing that a neighbor’s dispute caused by noise had to issue a detention ticket to carry out the detention, and even the police took a big step to to search; but the police In response, all operations were conducted in accordance with the relevant procedures on the order of the prosecutor. (Lu Jianhao Emergency Center, Court Center Wang Yi, Finance Center Yang Yufei / Online Report)

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