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Mr. Huang, who suffered from cancer in Taichung, complained to Apple News that he had low immunity to chemotherapy and was advised not to eat raw foods. But last Friday, he ordered red oil from the store in front of Xiu Tai Station and asked not to eat it. He found that the store had lost raw vegetables, such as chopped green onion, and asked to redo it. Unexpectedly, he didn’t expect to be served with a boiled hand, which would give him two stomach pains, so he went to the doctor and thought so. This mistake of the big brands is completely unacceptable and hard to forgive. Chunshuitang admitted that the staff were negligent and that it was indeed wrong to deliver the undercooked food, he has visited the guests and apologized to gain their understanding.

After this incident was exclusively disclosed by “Apple”, Chunshuitang issued an apology statement this morning: “This time we made a mistake in preparing the meal. We apologize for this. After understanding the situation, the operations manager has all branches requested to teach again. Meal production process, and use as reference, … This incident is due to our negligence in meal production. After the evaluation, the process was reset and teaching was completed. We are deeply sorry for the problems and respect the guidance from all walks of life. Thank you. “

Mr. Huang complained to Apple. On the sixth day, he went to Chunshuitang restaurant in Xiutai Station in Taichung to eat and ordered red oil. He was undergoing chemotherapy because of lymphoma. The doctor clearly told him to avoid raw foods. The receptionist was very nice to garnish the undercooked green onion, but the meal delivered included green onions.At his request, the shop stated that he would do the meal again, but the red oil platter provided was actually uncooked raw food.

He said the red oil was sent up by copying his hands. He held a part of the entrance and found it cold, but part of it was already in the throat. Then he used his chopsticks to poke away the meat and discovered that it was indeed unknown. The hospitality industry will actually serve uncooked food, which is really annoying and disappointing! “

He made it clear to the registrar on the spot. The clerk apologized to him and said he wanted to refund the fee, but he still couldn’t accept it. He thought it was not a question of money. “If it’s serious, people will die!” Mr. Huang said before he left. I went to the toilet once with an upset stomach and then got diarrhea, so I went to the doctor and asked Chunshuitang to re-educate his employees and make an announcement in addition to being responsible for the medical costs.

Mr. Huang said he went to China Medical University hospital on the night of the meal for emergencies and is dripping due to consecutive diarrhea. Chunshuitang executives visited the hospital and apologized. He also stated that he would not ask for any other compensation. He told the media that it was intended to be hoped that Chunshui was present. As a well-known brand, it can review and improve to prevent similar situations from happening again.

He Yingjie, a Chunshuitang publicist, said the dish is called “Fresh Meat and Red Oil Chaoshou,” and that it is a new product that will not be launched until November 1 this year for 95 yuan. According to her knowledge, it was the backyard staff who had not set the timer when cooking the dish, so it was not fully cooked.

She explained that because the staff sometimes rotate and this person is relatively new, they have this negligence. They are also very sorry. In addition to visiting the guests and apologizing, they have also reconciled with the guests. As for the settlement terms, she said it was the company. It is difficult to disclose the personal relationship with the guest.

After receiving the notification, the Food Safety Division of the Taichung City Health Bureau immediately sent staff to the store for inspection last night. After asking the store to prepare and inspect a meal, no immature or other foreign objects or smells were found and no other items were found on site. The catering link is missing. The industry is instructed to follow the guidelines of Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) to pay more attention to process hygiene when preparing meals. In addition, they must carefully check before meals to ensure the quality of the catering to protect consumers Health and rights.

The Food Safety Department stated that if it is determined during the inspection that there is indeed delivery of undercooked and fully prepared meals, it will issue a deadline for improvement in accordance with the above guidelines and request corrections. If the follow-up assessment fails, Section 44 of the Food Safety Act will be violated. The article states that a fine of NT $ 60,000 or more, but less than NT $ 200 million, will be imposed.

Lin Junliang, director of the Hematology and Oncology Department at Taichung Hospital, said cancer patients have low immunity during chemotherapy and it is best not to eat raw foods such as lettuce salad, sashimi, uncooked steaks and other foods. In severe cases, it can cause a bacterial infection and even be deadly.

Chen Shuhui, director of the Central District of the China Food Safety Control System Development Association, said that food to be cooked and served must be cooked and the core temperature must be above 70 degrees C otherwise it would conflict with the principle of GHP food. There is a fear of pathogenic bacteria that contaminate food and cause food poisoning, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Wu Yinyan, director of Hongguang University of Science and Technology’s Hospitality Management Department, said the timer may have problems operating and setting. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the food is cooked properly. You can’t rely on the timer alone. The safer way is to use the thermometer to insert it. to check. Wu Yinzhen said, “In the case of hand copying, if the core temperature is higher than 70 degrees, it means it is cooked. Another method is to see with the naked eye whether the outer skin swells. After the hand copy is cooked, the outer skin will swell. “

“Chun Shui Tang” is a chain tea house that originated in Taichung. The main products are bubble tea and bubble black tea. When it was established in 1983 it was originally called “Yang Xian Tea Shop”. It sold cold tea which was rare at the time. Fenyuan was added to milk tea. It was officially listed as “Pearl Milk Tea” the following year. It was renamed “Chun Shui Tang” in 1988. There are currently 52 branches in Taiwan, 12 in Japan and 2 in Hong Kong. (Reported by Huang Renying, Zhang Zhewei, Chen Shihe / Taichung Report)

Full text of Chunshuitang’s statement of apology

Chunshuitang Humanities Teahouse has for many years upheld the heart of treating customers as family hospitality, and has continued to provide consistent and excellent meal quality and caring services. Thank you to all customers for their confirmation and support.

We apologize for a mistake in making the meal this time. After understanding the situation, the head of operations immediately asked all sites to retrain the meal production process and use this as a reference to help partners better understand the importance of food safety.

After receiving the message from the customer that day, the operations supervisor contacted the customer and accompanied him for medical treatment. We understand the long-term customer confidence and expectations of the brand and thank the customer for understanding. We will continue to set high standards for the quality of meals in the future. And production process.

This incident is due to our negligence in preparing meals. After review, we reset the process and completed the lessons that caused the issues. We are very sorry and respect the guidance from all walks of life. Thank you.

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