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Taiwan stock market opened red disk

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South Korea, Europe and America December production PMI

Offshore wind force 4 developers issued a joint statement, hoping to win 5.8 yuan

Four developers of offshore wind energy with quotas for wind farms issued a statement on 31 December that four developers had listed eleven windmills at sea that were expected to sell Changhua and emphasize the price of executable purchases. It is the key to promoting offshore wind energy as an emerging industry: the 5.1 yuan rate is not enforceable for local developers and foreign developers in Changhua, it will lead to a contraction of investment in Taiwan, and the worst will be faced with development. Forced to stop. Read the whole story …

<US government closed investment]Although the appreciation of the dollar has weakened, there is still a good place in short selling

In 2019 the international financial market is still influenced by the Sino-US trade war. "With the closure of the US government, how can it succeed in the dangerous market and make stable profit?" KGI said the US dollar will continue to raise interest rates in 2019, so the US dollar in the short term is not bearish, but as a result of the fall in the rise in interest rates and the government's closing shock, the appreciation of the US dollar has weakened, investors holding US dollars can still choose the US dollar will be saved, but it will be short-lived and medium and long-term funds will gradually prepare US government bonds and investment grade bonds Read the full story …

A year to be forgotten by the three major US indexes: Goldman Sachs, IBM, oil prices, miserable Argentina

For the full year 2018, the Dow Jones index declined 5.6%, the S & P 500 index 6.2% and the Nasdaq Nasdaq index 3.9%, the worst performance of the three major indices since 2008. Read the whole story …

Comprehensive review of the cancer insurance in 2019

The claim of the Insurance Office to prevent people from applying for cancer prevention is controversial. The definition of cancer insurance is unified on New Year's Day in 2019. That is, the definition of new cancer insurance and major health insurance are compatible. How can a cancer insurance be planned? Insurers say that the use of a medical health insurance with a single payment for cancer or a major health insurance is the most complete, so insight into the new year, the new definition of cancer insurance is particularly important. Read the whole story …

<钜 亨 主笔 室> Long "pillows"!

During the last trading days of 2018, the share price index of the American stock market Dow Jones fluctuated strongly every day: the fluctuation range provided a historic record. Most of these trading days are, with large profits and low-end tendencies to climb and rise. Viewed from the daily chart, it appears to be a short-term floor area or a relay station: the former representative is about to run and the latter suggests that it has not yet fully stabilized. Read the whole story …

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