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(21:12 update, live broadcast is over.) 21:35 update, Xiao Dai IG shares new movie) After the badminton world ball, Dai Ziying gave the fans a New Year's gift on the first day of 2019. She is with her sister. Xiao Dai's Instagram and Facebook powder specializes in Dai Dai Powder / TTY & # 39 ;. Although the main story is that the older sister is speaking, Xiao Dai is attached to the side and he is very happy that he & # 39; Ying Fan Powder & # 39; has.

Xiao Dai and her sister opened the live broadcast, some fans praised the sister's eyeliner for a good look. Some fans also watched the live broadcast while using the mask. She and her sister asked which songs were recommended, and even asked if someone was a New Year's birthday. She and her sister wanted to sing a song for the happy birthday, so some fans said they could ask if their mother could change their birthday. The two sisters were very nice to each other and they also came to the beatbox to 'sow the shrimp scale.

Some fans have songs, but Dai Jie said that because Dai Ziying does not do it, she will only become one person to do everything, and eventually read the fans' message, probably hangs on the live line for about half an hour and shares what New Year's Day has done. Dai Jie said that Xiao Dai trains every day and that he also enjoys the Kaohsiung sun next to his house.

Shortly after the live broadcast, IG from Dai Ziying shared a video that had to punish the floor after practicing the ball. Xiao Dai wrote: "The first sentence in 2019, fainting and not laughing, use this smile. year of joy! "

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