Taiwan Railway Keelung and Sankeng Stations are shocked to see 70 kilograms of rocks “block” the train -UDN United News Network

  1. 70 kilograms of stone fell on the tracks between the Keelung and Sankeng stations of the Taiwan RailwaysUDN United News Network
  2. Rock Falling Elimination at the Taiwan Railway Keelung-Qi Block track event has resumed trafficFree time report electronic report
  3. Police in the middle of the 70kg cobblestone map track at Keelung Sankeng train station remove their troops to resolve the crisisETtoday News Cloud
  4. The railway from Qidu to Keelung has been removed from the Rockfall Taiwan Railway: it will be opened to traffic after it has been confirmed to be safeUDN United News Network
  5. The rain is falling! Taiwan Railway Sankeng Station drops 70 kilos of Dashi Keelung shuttle busFree time report electronic report
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