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US-China trade war doubts not removed US stocks opened Dow Jones index fell more than 120 points Anue Yu Heng

After imposing rates on land cargo, US President Trump signed an executive order to bring the state into a state of emergency, forbade US companies to use Huawei equipment, US-China dispute intensified and investors' doubts about economic outlook. The Japanese and American shares opened, the three most important indices fell and the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by more than 120 points.

At 9:41 on Friday night in Taipei, CNBC quoted that the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 120.49 points (0.47%), the S&P 500 index dropped 12.31 points (0.43%) and the Nasdaq index dropped 41.61 points (0.53%). .

The United States imposed a 25% rate on US $ 200 billion in Chinese exports to the US, which entered into force on Friday: on Monday (13th), China again retaliated and announced US $ 60 billion in dollars since June 1 . For goods that lose the land, rates from 5% to 25% are imposed.

Trump restarted the trade war, then provoked a scientific and technological war, signed an executive order on Wednesday and announced that the country is facing a threat due to information, communication technology and services and the & # 39; state of emergency & # 39; entered, causing the US Department of Commerce to block its intention to enter the US market. "Hostile company."

Although Trump has not said what it means to be a & # 39; hostile company & # 39; the Ministry of Commerce has listed Huawei as a list of entities shortly after the issuance of the enforcement order, prohibiting Huawei and its subsidiaries from doing business with US companies; Minister Wilbur Ross said the export controls came into effect on May 17.

The US-China conflict has intensified and the outside world is concerned that trade negotiations are likely to be terminated The US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has announced that he will travel to Beijing in the near future to continue the trade negotiations.

However, the statement by Mei Nuchin seems to have been denied by the Chinese side, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson, Gao Feng, said on Thursday that the media did not understand the American plan to negotiate with China in the 11th consultation round. The two sides conducted frank and constructive exchanges. Unfortunately, the United States has unilaterally escalated trade restrictions and heavily frustrated economic and trade negotiations between the US and the US.

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