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Xbox Series X costs 15,380 yuan;  Xbox Series S costs 9,480 yuan.  (Provided by Microsoft)
Xbox Series X costs 15,380 yuan; Xbox Series S costs 9,480 yuan. (Provided by Microsoft)

This month, two major brands of home game consoles went on sale. The Xbox series was the first to offer physical initial sales operations in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan on the 10th simultaneously, with a small number of only about 200 consoles in stock, leaving players 28 in the queue to get the goods within a few minutes. hours, and the PS5, which was sold again in limited quantities on the 19th last week, was also back on hold. It can be seen that the popularity of household appliances is extremely strong this year and can quickly attract customers without discounts.

Due to the epidemic this year, the two main consoles are currently out of stock. For example, Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Jeff Stuart said Xbox Series X and S may be out of stock until April next year. The good news, however, is that while the PS5 was sold in limited quantities last week, it got robbed. , But PChome 24h shopping has announced that the next wave of pre-orders will be sold again next Friday (27) at 12:00 noon, limited to use of Citi PChome Prime co-branded credit card and Yushan Pi wallet credit card payment, each person is limited up to 1 purchase, expected to be 12 years. Shipments will start on the 11th. In addition, the Yahoo mall and momo store network also has hosts on sale.

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