View the price of gold! The market has risen to 100 per 18,800 baht.

Saturday morning Thai gold moved to 100 bars sold 18,300 baht per sale 18,800 baht.

On 29 September, the Gold Traders Association The gold price on the Thai market has risen by 100 baht per kilogram, the price of gold is 18,200 baht per sale, 18,300 baht per kilogram and the gold price is 17,873.64 baht per kilogram.

While the gold futures market in New York The shares rose on Friday when investors bought speculation. Gold fell for a second consecutive day as the dollar strengthened. Pressure on the gold market. By the golden contract of the market. Worried December Rose $ 8.8, or 0.74 percent, to settle for $ 1.196.2 per ounce. After falling to the lowest level in six weeks on Thursday.

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