137 people arrested for drug trafficking with 2,500 million.

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August 27, 2018


Thaitaniums 141 Thai arrested 243 arrested, arrested 2,500 million.

On 27 August 2006, Major General Chalermkiat Srivoran, Deputy Commander of Police, Sommai Pangsuk, Police Commissioner of Narcotic Drugs Central Police Investigators, Office of the Commission to Combat Money Laundering, or the Cambodian Ministry of Special Investigation or DSI. 16 agencies launched the operation Chaiyaphum Piree 61/7 under the name MDS mission dark social, carpeting, drug screening and money laundering nationwide. The target is in 26 provinces, including 141 points. Can 243 people in the middle of amphetamines be arrested 16 million tablets Ice 467 kg marijuana 499 kg cottage 1,230 kg heroin 800 grams of 16 pistols, ammunition 177 shots, explosives 1 ball

10 motorcycles, 22 houses, land, 15 plots, gold, cash, etc., together accounting for more than 2,500 million baht. There are 3 major medical networks: 1. The social environment in contact with customers. 2. Hell & # 39; s Network Hellman How to open an account. And the person who camouflages close to the name of the offender. And the digging network of the earth. It is a network with money transfer linked to the medicines network.

"It's a good idea to take a good photo," Chaloemkiet said. But the police will continue to clean up. Especially the drug trade that focused on social channels. This is discussed with the NBTC.

In case of arrest, Mr. Dettum Saengtim, brother of Miss Wipakorn Sukkhasai, the former wife of a famous singer. I'm not sure if this is the case. And stay like a patient The other problems are still in the class of the researchers. There will be a connection. Miss Vipakorn, sister or sokolose about drug use or not in this class is not available.

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