2 guns at home. I'm burned out.

I shot on brutality.

2 guns at home. The factory has two branches and in 56 they were burned in two branches, but both repaired and returned to normal sales. I came to the scene.

I shot on brutality. On 2 September police officer Huai Leeng, province of Songkhla, was informed of the shooting. At 219 Moo 3, Tambon Tha Muang, Thepharak, Songkhla province, two people were killed and the officers came to inspect the explosives. . Stewart. Songkhla

On the spot, Mr. Uthid Chanrat, 65, and Ms. Boontim Chanchan, 63, were found dead. The wound was shot with a 9 mm pistol. The female who lay dead on the ground was shot with a single pistol. In addition, two gun housings were found on site and two bullets were collected as evidence.

Then the Major General Thanapol Sornprasit Plc. 9 went on a trip to inspect the scene. To provide a thorough examination of the evidence. Including camera surveillance in the store. There are several points that indicate the cause of the shooting of the couple. At this moment we have to wait for the officials to check carefully before they come out of the unrest in the southern border provinces. Or other conflicts.

From the research. Before the accident, a villager made a purchase. The face is covered with a face mask. Payment period of goods. So I shot my wife. And the weapons with the man. Until he was shot at the cash register in the store. Then the bad guy ran into the car.

On the scene in the shop assistant with one other but not shot. This is the moment when I was interviewed. Through this store. At least 4 CCTV cameras are currently under investigation. The furniture factory has two branches and was damaged on August 2, 56, but they are still repairing the store and opening the furniture forever. Until the bad guy was killed today.

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