3 out of 5 students have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

3 costs
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From the case of Mr. Saran Surin, 17 years old, a young student outside The son of a police sergeant. Samui Island, Surat Thani

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3 costs / Luxury car Ford Mustang 2.3 ecoboost-coupe AT red cabin One of the victims of the accident happened on Kaset-Nawamin Road and left the main pier on August 18, Sena Nikhom, Chatuchak, Bangkok at 2.30 am on 22 August. ago Read News: The 17-year-old student rejects his High-Scooter Truck

Recent developments Lt. Col. Wiwat Devadh (deputy) District Bangkhen He said that he had examined Mr. Sorn in the hospital, who told him that the Ford Mustang car was a second-hand car on the spot that he had just bought a few days before the 3 million baht accident. hours

Later they feel hungry. Drive a new car to buy food at KFC 24 hours a day via the Prasert Manuakit road and then turn right. But the speed of the engine and change the lane to avoid the car. The car immediately fell towards the end of the truck.

The. The. The. Evolved. It turned out that Mr. Porn Sombun was persecuted. Ridiculous driving causes injuries and material damage, reckless driving. The property of the government is damaged. And driving without a license.

In the case of the subject in drunkenness or not. Waiting for the results of alcohol testing in the body 2 – 3 days if it turns out to be a law. I will continue to report indictments.

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