& # 39; Luang Pu Khum & # 39; Maestro Ratchaburi Death of Siri ages 91 years old 70 years.

& # 39; Luang Pu Kham & # 39; Phra Kru Ratchaburi & # 39; s Goddess & # 39; Nong Suea & # 39; died peacefully with bloody illness and old age. Siri Age 91 years 70 years in the grief of the students.

At 4 pm on August 26, 61, reporters reported the atmosphere at Wat Nongsue (Yang Nuea), Ao Praeng Yai, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi. Primacy of the province of Ratchaburi Chief priest Mr. Narongsak Hommalai, Secretary General, Ratchaburi Call the royal body to the funeral. Phra Krua or Miss Luang Pu Khun Kuno Abt What Nong Suea The West After falling ill with bloody illness and old age, death peacefully at Thonburi Hospital 1 at 14.59 pm on August 24, 61 passed Siri Aged 91 years 70 years old in grief. The sad news of those who know the news. I'm going to the water. The degree of the ceremony from Luang Pu to the glass box. Provide the prayer for the body of metaphysics for 100 days before you collect the body in the temple to worship the people.

History of Phra Khruu or Luang Pu, formerly known as Khemma, was born on February 13, 1927 in Ban Don Sawas, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi. Don Pai, Tha Pha, Ban Pong before he went to the temple in the Nong Suea temple, Tumbon, and became the abbot of Wat Nong Suea in 1964 to the present. Luang Pu is a great pundit in the field of power, great mercy and invincible. The monks of the monk hermit monkey black monk Tha Sung, Uthai Thani, the famous maid. Study of Yantra Diamond Armor And the subject of fortune. The development of educational support. Help poor children The gift of property, government buildings, schools and hospitals is respected by all disciples and the public. The name of the West. The villagers mentioned. "God of Nayat"

The first holy object is a Buddhist bell, built in 1971, which is very popular. Until the final version. "Coinage" was made in 2018 to raise money to build the temple. But he died earlier.

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