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On 25 August, Anusorn Eiamsathee, the spokesman for the deputy party for Thailand, discussed the case of the leader of the Democratic Party Abhisit Vejjajiva. Interviews with foreign media The party for Thailand is the cause of the coup. Mr. Abhisit Speaking can be of the original idea. Still obsessed with misunderstandings. Or try to hypnotize yourself to believe and say that. The album continues all the time. Without self-examination Is it related to a coup d'état? Most people did not agree with Mr. Abhisit. Because there is an empirical fact that is clear. The city has come to this point. From the uncertainty in the parliamentary system. The Democratic Party Out of the crowd. Clear the country Revolt has upset the election. Many partygoers go to To ask the situation for a coup d'état? The coup was resumed as a member of the Democratic Party because nothing happened. But enough to close the elections, try to make you a hero and force people to be a bad guy.

"Mr. Abhisit, the party leader's statistics that led the boycott party twice to the election to blow the whistle and then disappear, if all parties abide by the rules of democracy." Abolition of the council went to the ballot box for the people to decide The winner wins the country, loses 4 years to the policy to win the hearts The problem is not in order I am sorry This is the way to go I would like want to talk to the ice Mr. Prichet Watcharinda, cousin of Mr. Abhisit The recognition that the Democratic Party has defeated the elections 20 years because the policy does not meet the challenge of winning Time for a solution for the nation and the people to think of, bring the people in a creative way forward, I do not know how to do it, to reconciliation, to make a political contribution Think less of it Think of the country, "said Anusorn.

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