& # 39; Mummy Gold & # 39; throws a dead body of 6 months old! Up inside the fence

A woman in an old-fashioned farm was found dead, a six-month-old baby was found in a basket of substances. Cover camouflage with baby clothing and diapers all over the body. I did not die less than 6 hours to leave the banana fence. Soi Prachautit 19 The long golden hair in the basket is proof. Speed ​​up surveillance cameras. The Giant Pursuit comes to prosecution.

Tragedy, Thailand 4.0, throws a baby body On September 9, Pongsathorn Wongthamnanun (Surveillance), the Huay Kwang police station, stillborn baby was found. About Soi Pracha Uthit 19, Samsenok, Huaykwang, Bangkok to consult with Forensic Medical Staff, Ramathibodi Hospital and the Grateful Gratitude Foundation.

The scene in the alley at about 300 meters along the steel road along the road at the entrance of the banana park. There is a large black plastic basket about 45 cm long and many baby clothes and diapers are filled. In the body there is a boy about 6 months old. The ants scrambled around the body. Cover camouflage with baby clothing and diapers. They also found a long golden hair like a woman in a fabric basket. It is a mother. The staff collected it as evidence. Before the body was sent to the clinic in Ramathibodi hospital.

Miss. Nong Duck, 48 years old, living at 972 Soi Charansanitwong 57, Bangbamru, Bang Phlat, Bangkok. There are antique and antique shops. Before the accident, 3-wheel drive to prepare to clean. At the scene of the incident, the leader of a black plastic basket. Let's put the baby clothes and diapers away to see. But when it comes to mind, it is very heavy. Turn off the dust, found the baby dead. Bleeding from the nose stains the body. Have the staff checked.

Moreover, from the testimony of the environment. Many villagers reported that the basket was left around 0600 on the same day, but nobody was interested. The staff was informed to check. The staff undergo a thorough investigation. CCTV camera & # 39; s on site and nearby. To speed up the pursuit of the offender to prosecute the law.

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