& # 39; Pete & # 39; s 90 Million & # 39; closes in the world discussions (clip)

Premiere Release of & # 39; September 10 & # 39;

"Pete is planning to make the lottery losers of the world invisible". I have a lot to say. No shadow returned home in Loei. When the police raided, The mother will claim that her son will surrender on Monday. I do not want to say where. The transfer of the lottery money to the hundred thousand baht to the party to the two parties to withdraw the allegations of embezzlement of the "Sompong blood soldiers". Legendary taxi sham scandal. Teach the younger generation in advance to repent. Turn a new leaf And go to righteousness.

It is a good idea to ensure that you do not have to worry about it. Thanawat or Pete Kullangphong, 35, Lottery card holder The panel is located at the PTT Ekachai filling station, Khok Kham, Muang Samut Sakhon. I placed the photo itself with a lottery on 1 September 61, 734510 number 15, and claimed to have an online lottery for a customer's order. Bank transfer But not for the lottery. The lottery received a total of 90 million, but they do not think the lottery itself. As a result, young traders are night-time celebrities. There are many people on the market who support the lottery. Because impressed with the honesty. The nickname "Pete has even cracked the truth". Appears when someone catches it. It is claimed that the lottery is big. This is scam. The plan is to sell Mr. Pete to stimulate. The new nickname that "Pete intends to crack" and arrest the police until the future is drowned in an instant.

Progress on this on 9 September at 8.00 am, reporters from the area for the lottery of Mr. Follow Pete. In the gas station Ekachai Branch, Samut Sakhon, that the atmosphere is quiet. There are no customers waiting to buy one lottery. While the panel is quiet. The pump staff said that after the break of the day before. I do not see Mr. Pete or his followers and beautiful friend Pete appear again. It is not the same as another lot. At the gas station, a fish street. The trading panel is also closed shut. The pump said that. This store is not open since September 2 and is usually sold around the 5th of every month, but this month is not sold. I'm not sure if this is the case. I'm a fan of Mr. Pete who is on the 5th of every month, but this month has not seen any sales.

In the progress of the case, Gen. Mana Inpitak, Samutsakhon. Unveiling of the arrest of Mr. Thanawat or Pete Keelung results of the world lotteries. Secretly After 90 million baht the plan was broken and the plan was broken with the land police, the Research Department 7 and the Samutsakorn Provincial Police. Carpet to find Mr. Thanawat. To continue as soon as possible. It is still in between. Continued arrest in both the area and the nearby provinces.

Prime Minister Khun Kham, Muang Samut Sakhon, said he has heard several witnesses. Provisional allegations by the provincial court of Samut Sakhon. Approved arrest warrant No 319/2561 of 8 September 2018 to arrest Mr Thanawat or Pete Klanghangphol, 35 years old, residing at 116 Moo 12, Erawan, Erawan, Loei. The. The. The. Computer. With fraud or deception Computer input The information is distorted or fake, in whole or in part. Or computer data is false. By the way, the damage to the people. Other accusations that will be reported later. It is collecting additional evidence. As the buyer of the lottery from the panel of Mr. Pete had suffered damage. Let us file a complaint. I have to prove to the police as evidence in further legal proceedings with Mr Pete.

Later at 12.30, Mrs Boonrung Donkhoang, aged 59, lives at 67/386 Moo 17, Tambon Bang Mae Nang, Bangyai, Nonthaburi, or large lottery dealer at the Khao Wua junction. Bangkok comes to Khok Kham to withdraw the complaint about the misappropriation of assets that Mr. Thanawat or Pete Keelung has brought the lottery to 140 sets and pays the lottery worth 210,000 baht. That is why the recording. Because on the morning of the past. Receive a phone call from Mr. Pete's mother. Transfer money to the son of the outstanding amount of 2.1 thousand baht and then ask to withdraw to Khok Kham and win the war after checking the balance of the account and discovered that the amount of money came in the real number . The journey to retreat. The first thing you have to do is go to the doctor. Keep winning the war.

Mrs. Bunsang said. I have a lot of contact with the lottery's mother. In the form of sales to customers. Who buys it is only sold. Have had no problems after 3-4 months ago. Mr. Pete is the caller. Then Mr. Pete the lottery. Last but not least, on September 7 at 5:30 AM, Mr. Pete put 140 in his panel, but he did not pay 210,000 baht until it was notorious. I am very afraid not to pay back. On 8 September it was announced that winning the war zone, the sale of their lottery and the Khak Kham area of ​​the lottery. Mr Pete But when Pete's mother returned the money. You have to withdraw the money because of the money.

Journalists travel to the home of the mother, Mr. Thanawat or Pete Klanghang Result of 25 Moo 12 Baan Sap Charoen, Erawan, Erawan, Loei, thought the house was quiet without people in the house with only dogs. 2, look at the house and rent a parking space, ask the villagers to say that. Pete & # 39; s mother left home since the morning. Not sure if it is in the house or not. But when around 13 o'clock tonight, there were Erawan police and the city police 2 cars together 10 people to Mrs. Kruawan mother of Mr. To meet cap talking about half an hour. Then everything went back. Later, reporters must call Mrs. Krueday. Mr. Pete only said that on Monday, September 10, he will take over his son to surrender to the police. But do not reveal where it is. Hang up and stop contacting.

At the same time, the villagers were damaged by Miss Boon Tawichit, the daughter of Mr. Pete. The villagers more than 20 people in the two villages on the 59th that the lottery was cheaper than the two to 2-3 baht to sell it, but when the reward is back to get no lottery. One of them is Mrs. Maliwan Chanthamontri, 57, from the first day her mother and her daughter interviewed on TV. Mr. Pete is a good man. People in the village can not laugh. I do not want to talk much. The reporter asked the villagers to talk about the behavior of this family. Nowadays the villagers are very provocative. In particular, Mr. Somkid Chaikham, the village chief, was the husband of Miss Boonthong, the daughter of Mr. Pete, who cheated the villagers. The villagers have problems with the whole village. But do not protect the villagers. The villagers choose the headman. Back to protect the kinship.

Reporters have contacted Mr. Somkid Chaiyakij, often not answered. Then walk to the house of Mr. Somkid, away from home, Mr Pete to only 4 houses that have found a huge house but nobody. Do not ask the villagers to know where to go. A villager Information claim Pete was arrested for the first time by the Erawan police. On the same day the police arrived at the house of Mr. Pete. I did not find anyone and did not provide details. Tell the regulator to come and see.

The story of Mr. Pete Merchants lottery fraud The leader compared the story of Mr. Sompong blood soldiers, former driver taxi taxi in Bangkok. It was a good day for taxpayers to save 20 million baht in taxis, but then they were arrested and prosecuted.

Journalists traveled to house number 87 Moo 4, Thep Rajat, Ban Pho, Chachoengsao to meet with Mr. Sompong at the age of 58, said that. I know the news was that 90 million people liked to talk to his wife about the merit of the lottery. But enough to know that the lottery. The story has come up and people have connected with their past. I do not know what to do. I want to see myself as an example to wrongly enter the judicial process. After being in prison. Practice and think about what is going on. At that moment you can live normally. I want to leave this to the wrongdoer and go astray. Let's go back to doing what is right is better. Finally, no one can lie to the truth.

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