& # 39; Suthep & # 39; is confident to build police flats -396

"Suthep" invades the Porch. Confirmation contract under the Prime Minister's office. The building was not completed on time. It is the building manager. Not about the procedure for changing the contract. I do not think so.

On August 20, 61 at the office of the National Counter Corruption Commission, Mr. Suthep Thaugsubanan led the Thai National Power Party (PPP) and Mr. Taweesak. At Takua Thung, a team of lawyers traveled to clarify the accusations. 396 Replacement police station

Mr. Suthep gave the interview before he said that. The original 94 pages were the same information that was submitted to the NCC Subcommittee on June 15, 2558, with the same words to come to this self-assurance that there was no mistake. Due to working instructions. There is evidence for all innocence. The case states that there is an auction for some companies to win the auction. Subcommittee on prejudice has a bias when all documents are read. Ordinary people understand it Do not be a lawyer what the CHC announced on August 15th. Make society misunderstand. They are damaged. I often like this. And many clarifications. But it is not over yet. I have to make the clarity clear again so that all parties understand it.

Mr Suthep said the change to the contract. And companies that won the auction could not build 396 factories on time. Not involved in the contract Or approval to change the auction method. Because the contract is hired at all stages according to the budget of the prime minister's office. But the delayed construction. It was not the construction of the structure. I do not know who is responsible for checking the construction contract.

The reporter asked. There are doubts about how to change the auction mode in a department center, Mr. Suthep said that often the approval of the first project is based on the former police chief. Patcharatchawong Wongsuwan. It is a good idea to make a decision yourself. new In accordance with the budget law of 2010 that came out after the first approval of the project. If the same project can not be split into multiple contracts. As a result, the amendment of the new contract according to the 2010 budget must be correct.

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