& # 39; Uncle Luong & # 39; Ranong to the girl named & # 39; Yingluck & # 39; beautiful melody, do not do illegal.

& # 39; Uncle Tong & # 39; listens to the development of Ranong Port To restore the natural reef. Add attraction This is the name of this & # 39; premier & # 39 ;.

Gen Prayut Chansa, Prime Minister, travels to Ranong Port Ban Khao Nanghon to visit Ranong Port Management. A brief overview of the development of Ranong Port The artificial coral reefs were provided to villagers in the province of Rayong for 1,016 sticks and 816 rods for the rehabilitation of coral reefs. Add diving and ecotourism.

The Prime Minister said that the government provided the potential. From Ranong Port But do not understand that. Why do governments not develop? This has resulted in many economic opportunities, so the government has a plan to develop in a lot. The connection with each other. The airport, the port, the road and the railway know that the budget for the development of Ranong Port amounts to more than 28,000 million.

So the government will consider the value. And worth the investment. This confirms the stability of the government. The 20-year national strategy, because the country has lost its time and opportunity, hopes that the next government will continue the government program. And confirm all projects that have taken place in the past four years. The government here thinks and has not heard any politicians to do. People do not believe. For tomorrow The Cabinet will view the budget according to the plan. I do not want to be political. I do not think taxpayers are politicians. It will be used correctly and benefit.

Then the prime minister greeted the people. The name of a port operator. The staff said: Name of Yingluck The prime minister then admired that the name is good melodic, this person was former prime minister. That's not me. But let's do it right.

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