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poured – On August 20, the reporter reported that on August 19 at Silpakorn University. Campus Sanam Chandra Palace Nakornpathom Suchatchawan Suwansawat President of the Technology Park of King Mongkut, Ladkrabang (KMITL), as chairman of the Rectoral Conference (TAT) unveiled after the meeting of the Executive Committee At the meeting of the Rector of Thailand, the meeting discussed the matter. Recruitment of candidates to study in higher education institutions. Or the system in the year 2062.

The TAP has set up a committee to develop the TAX system in 2013 with 3 sets: 1. The committee for examining the selection system of the Tasmanian school system in 2018 was Mr. Somkid Lertpaitoon, former president of Thammasat University. President 2. The Tasmanian Development Committee was chaired in the year 2016 by Mr. Chusak Limsakul, member of the National Legislative Assembly (NIA). The information system System of academic year 2062 with Dr. Chai Lertpichit Pornchai Director Institute of Innovation Learning Mahidol University (MM) is the chairman of the joint development of the TAX system in 2062 was completed. Preliminary conclusions are as follows: The application period is reduced to 6 and a half months, starting in December. Until mid-June

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Mr. Supachart further stated that the PO had sent the letter No. 61/0398 dated 4 June 2018 to General Prayut Chancharoen, Prime Minister, about the establishment of the Ministry of Higher Education. Research and innovation in the ministry agreed on the establishment of a new ministry. But there are also concerns. If the drafting of the law other than the Higher Education Act BE … has not been completed in July 2018, the DAP Suggest Thirakiat. Charn Setthasil The Minister of Education (MOE) has introduced the draft of the Higher Education Act The cabinet (cabinet) in August before the first change later.

"Higher education is not about research, but there are also humanitarian problems Access to others This includes the preservation of the art and culture of the country It is in the ministry of the ministry I would like to propose more artistic and cultural preservation Higher education To make it clearer, "said mr. Suchart.

Ms. Phatarat Hongwakorn, Acting Secretary General of the National Defense College, said the meeting today elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the year 2019 – 2020. The resolution was elected by Mr. Suchatchawan Suwansawat, Chairman of the Board. Again.

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