4th Hotel Rafting 19th century

4th Hotel Rafting 19th century

At 00.30 hours on August 22 in the 4th Division of Research Department 4 Major General Yanyongvej Osot, Ph. 4, together with Maj. Second Deputy PM 2 Abhisit Vejjajiva 4 detained amnesty for 19-year-old man accused of trafficking After investigation by police investigators, KGS 2, Lieutenant Colonel 4 arrested in a motel in the area of ​​Muang District, Roi Et and Miss B. Prose, 15 years old.

Lieutenant Colonel Dej Khammanee, Deputy Chief Inspector of Police 2, said police Kk.ss. Bk.ss.p. 2 4 The drug trafficking group has every network. And to examine the results. There are prostitution problems with drugs. This network of groups of people trafficking. Some parents bring their children to prostitution. Some parents rape their own children before sending them to prostitution for amphetamine. When the ball is often hit. I was born Step in the prostitution process itself at a young age not older than 18 years.

"The police planned to go to a motel in the city of Roi Et, where spies were intercepted at the hotel, and there are two girls driving motorbikes into the hotel, then call the cash amount of 2,000 baht when the mother has paid. "I do not think so."

The 19-year-old mother

The investigation into the confession of Mrs. A. There are adult relatives who are drug networks. Contact to find a 15 year old girl to sell sex services to friends in the hotel. If you do not want to receive cash. If you want to be a medicine, it would be willing to pay. I have contact with myself and Miss B to bring to the hotel. The cashier was immediately arrested by the police. Previously they had sent a girl to a man who wanted to sleep three times, a part of 200 baht, and then took money to buy amphetamine to eat and eat with friends.

Like Miss B., 15 years old, the confession. Father arrested in drug case And prison in Roi-Et prison. Mother to work in Pattaya. Send money to 500 baht per week, but not enough because I want to eat with friends. If my parents are not at home, they leave school. I decided to stay with a friend in Roi Et. No work Get a job with prostitution. Get paid for both money and medicine. Because most customers are drug networks and friends.

MPs continue to try to refuse to pay for drugs. Out of fear of being arrested. Some clients are compulsorily addicted to narcotics. It is a difficult customer. I survived it every time. They are often approached by Miss A. And share the 500 baht each time.

Pol .. Op. National power. After the interrogation. There are allegations of human trafficking above the age of 15 but under the age of 18 and costs are charged. Children younger than 15, but no older than 18 years old, lure or take them to the person for prostitution And to satisfy someone else. Is engaged Lokken or removed because of obscenity, which man or woman older than 15 but less than 18 years for imprisonment to prosecution

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