7-month bride tie neck out! The marriage moved to the home of a depressed husband.

I am 23 years old and moved to my husband's house in Khon Kaen. Have symptoms of depression. Until the last fight. Escaped the room Go to the window. I noticed that my wife was dead.

At 10:30 am on September 10, Pandora Yew, deputy inspector of the Huai Luang Police Station, Muang District, Udon Thani. House number 222/2 Moo 2 Ban Chiang Yuen, Chiang Yuen, Muang Udon Thani So with the doctors at the Udon Thani hospital. And volunteer base

On the spot is a half-timbered house, found dead Mrs. Daranwan Wanchai 23 years old, living in 170 Moo 6, Din Daam District, Loei province in the middle of the hall. Find the green bruise in the neck. After using a cravat to iron the windows in the bedroom. No traces were found from the autopsy. The doctor died about 1 hour of airway disease.

Mr. Preeda Palawong, 26, a deceased husband who has been married for seven months, still has no children. After the wedding and moved to their home. Deaths are depressive disorders. Overdo if you complain that you want to die. It will be comfort. And take good care of his wife, not for stress, because maybe his wife will kill himself.

This morning he and his wife had a slight argument, but they stopped because they knew their wives were depressed. So do not apologize. Then the dead enter the bedroom. I do not know why, but I see the silence in the room. So knock on the door but no answer. I went to the rear window. Find a woman with a cravat that knits herself with a wrought iron window. So he opened the door and pulled the clothes from his neck, but his wife died.

Lt. Col. Panya Yew, deputy prime minister (research) assumed that the deceased had an argument with her husband, caused suffering and attributed to depression. So bind the dead.

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