A lot of brutality! 9-year niece marathon marathon 4 months Cystitis

Be a relative! I'm not sure if this is the case. Last break That will hurt. The last escape Arrested by the police

At 11:00 am on October 1 at the Metropolitan Police Bureau (BNP), after the completion of the delivery of the post of deputy chief of police, Lieutenant Colonel Suthipong Wongpinrat. On the first day of the work, the reporter caught the case. Gene. Kamphaengphet Sopono, Ph.D., 9. Case investigators of Tha Pom Cross arrested. Sui of Kep Pajacha, 37 years old, living at 25 Moo 3, Nong Loi Muang District, Bueng Kan, under the arrest warrant of Thonburi Criminal Court, no. 659/2561, of September 26, 2006, charged to a girl to go under the age of thirteen without permission from the girl. The arrest package is located on the ground floor of building 11, Klang Rom Klao building. Romklao Community Road Khlong Ton Nun, Lat Krabang, Bangkok

This arrest must be at the end of the month. The past month Having a man and a woman in the construction brought him to the name of the child (9), a daughter of a student of the fourth degree at a primary school in Rama 2, who submits a petition. This is the first time I have ever seen this movie. Rape to rape many times. From April to July, the past. In the room of construction workers in Soi Health, Beauty, Charoen, Tha Kham, Bang Khun Thian, Bangkok, the first thing he did not let the parents know because of the fear of the suspect.

I have abdominal pain and blood from the vagina because the bladder has all the redness. When the father and mother went to the doctor before they decided to report his daughter to the police, while the parents decided to go to the police. From the camp of the construction worker The staff sent me to check the state of the police.

View the signs of sexual abuse. And the DNA samples from the suspect. Subsequently, the multidisciplinary staff coordinates to interview the victim to request the court order to approve the order for the research department of Tha Skip. Sui to arrest while escaping the flats in the flat.

From interviewing Mr. Sui to claim that. To escape from the camp, employees remain because they are currently related to fellow bullying. What do you think of this? And finding a new job as a bus driver. The company received a work of government projects in less than a month until the police finally arrested him.

The authorities arrested the defendants for the accusation, because Jatuporn confirmed the incident at the time of the incident. 3-4 months were Mr. Sui Laluang to rape more than 10 times in a real labor camp. He also has a photo of the accused clearly to release the accused, Mr. Sui sent to the investigating officer before the accusations are filed in court. University of Bologna next.

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