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Transport Department – Police Laws and regulations The traffic law BE 2522 and the car law BE 2522 have been amended to modernize the contents. Suitable for the current situation. Heavy fine for driver who does not have a driver's license. I hope to screen quality controls, for example, the United States has severely punished millions. The police support the court to consider the issue of not driving a driver's license. Prevention of misconduct

The Ministry of Land Transport will propose changes to the law. The Road Traffic Act, 1979 and the Car Act 1979, as a whole, in the same law. The penalty is higher, especially the penalty for driving a car without a driving license is a prison sentence of three months to 50,000 baht to criticize. General criticism. Around this time at 10:30 am on August 24 at the Royal Thai police, Mr. Kamol Buranapong, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Land Transport. Pol.Lt.Gen.Rarak Limpakdi, 3, as the working group to solve traffic problems, and Pol.Lt.Gen Krishna Pattanacharoen, deputy spokesperson, along with the reasons for the amendment of the law. Driving license infringement

Mr. Kamol said that the amendment of the Act 1979 and the Land Transport Act 1979 should adjust the content to be up to date with the current situation. especially Contributing to awareness and social responsibility. Because the research center for accidents in Thailand. According to the Policy and Strategy Office, pilots without a license have a 34 percent higher mortality risk than drivers with dual driving licenses. The Ministry of Health. Children and adolescents aged 15-19 are the most fatal road deaths, with an average of 1,688 people per year. About driving without driving license A fine of no more than 300,000 yen or about 88,000 baht or imprisonment of up to 1 year and a fine of 12 points in the United States. A fine of up to US $ 25,000 or approximately 800,000 baht or imprisonment of up to 5 years and a lifetime record.

Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Land Transport said that in order to keep drivers aware and strictly follow the traffic rules. It is important to reduce accidents and loss of life and property. The amendment of the two laws is included. By updating the details of the law. It is a tool to check the behavior of the rider. Including penalties for offenders. Driving offensive without showing driving license Proposed penalty for imprisonment of up to 3 months, up to 50,000 baht of the current car under penalty of no more than 1 month imprisonment to 1,000 baht and the prison of the Ministry of Transport. Up to 2 years, up to 40,000 Baht

Mr. Kamol said that. The crime with respect to driving a car during a license expires, is suspended or withdrawn. Or to be seized The fine is not more than 3 months, no more than 50,000 baht from the previous car under penalty of no more than 2,000 baht will be punished with a prison sentence of no more than 2 years, no more than 40,000 baht. The traffic legislation is punishable by a prison sentence of no more than 2 years, a maximum of 40,000 baht, which is the draft of the new law on land transport. Presented to the cabinet for approval. First submitted to the National Legislative Assembly. The proposed change of the penalty for such violation. The punishment is based on the crime at the discretion of the court. However, increasing the concentration of law enforcement is only one tool. The key is the driver. Be aware of safety and serious implementation thoroughly.

As Major General Arak. As the traffic problem solver said, the police station confirmed that the new police law would come out to protect the lives and safety of the public brothers as a whole on public roads. Need to campaign continuously and enforce the law. Changes in the law require a long legislative process. Therefore it is necessary to start with plans for the brothers and sisters to participate in the system to drive a driver's license. After the deadline there will be strict law enforcement measures. From the side of the police who is doing wrong. After this office National police Will continue criminal and disciplinary. If fraud is detected It is strictly legal.

Major Gen. Arak said the national police. It also supports the process of driving license must be sent to the court. For the court to consider. What is needed is a quality driver. Have the ability to drive safely and properly. That is why we have to go through the preliminary inspection of the Ministry of Transport to ensure that everyone is safe.

On the same day, Mr. Peerasak Pichit, vice president of the National Legislative Assembly (NIA), called the case. The law is relevant to all people in the past, careful consideration around the subject and then asked to be calm, is still in the Cabinet's consideration process, not yet included in the NIA's consideration, or if proposed. design Actually, the NIA must also go through the process of listening to public opinion under section 77 of the NOC and listen to all parties, the people who drive on the road. Or officials who enforce the rules.

As Mr Rawat Aree, former MP from Phuket, said the Democratic Party had sent a letter to the Ministry of Transport to review the issue. Because of the fine and fine. Probably not suitable for current economic conditions. Can not solve the problem. Especially to increase the authority over the staff. As a result, the government and related agencies should concentrate on measures to issue a driving license. It will help to reduce the loss of human lives and property.

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