Anacha Yan Sammitr receives no privileges from KBC.

The three-headed group has not received any special privileges from KBC and continues its political activities with the aim of joining the People & # 39; s Power Party. If it is unlocked in Sep

On August 26, Mr. Anucha Nakasai, leader of the Sammitr Group Clarify the wiring And meet politicians. Not suitable I do not think so. But the three groups. There are ways to create harmony between political groups and groups. Including the audience It was a meeting of political and public groups. The sound of that. The two standard practices Let the Sammitr Group act just like that, but beyond political parties. The movement to meet people throughout KBC does not prohibit or condone anyone.

Mr. Anucha has made photo's of political activities, including the Democratic Party, the Thai Party, the Thai National Party. And the Thai Pride Party The interviews with the leaders of the party that came out during the KBC declaration, as well as the three-person group, did not differ from other political parties.

"They look at it, it's common to the regular political sector, and many of the parties may not see their own party doing something in the past, so far, the criticism from others."

The case is that the NBC issued a motion that prohibited any political movement. After the coup, it was to prevent the uprising in the country. And when approaching the elections will be relaxed step by step. In some cases, the political parties would like to be in the election mode that everyone hopes. I want everyone to go to the ballot box. With creativity Who will take action after the elections. But now I want everyone to step aside to move the country to the goal and to move on in the next step. If you do not like the law, it must be in the arena. This will happen in the future.

Sucker politicians. I believe that the quotation must be proof that the Samyit group is a simple political group. So what are you going to offer? There is no policy to help candidates or individuals in politics by spending money. And the Sammitr Group intends to bring the policy to the benefit of the people. And do you want to see the city calmly and harmoniously? It is assumed that politicians are interested because many people are on the yarn, regardless of whether they are being prosecuted. It also supports people who can lead to creative politics.

At the same time, the three claimed that the political group was creative. Never to criticize anyone. And the political trio will not take people out on the streets. And do not bring the group members to do illegal. I want the government to be calm and reflect the needs of the people to the government. I can do it. To be considered by the government or not to be considered is another matter. And have the chance. And welcome

Movement on behalf of political parties. Take a look at the opening up of a political activity and look to the future. The group also discussed the PPP. Confirm that. The party does not have a party. If there is freezing in September.

The political party in Sammitr is affiliated. There is no need to support General Prayun. But the answer to the policy and the way the group approaches the party. To make the country peaceful. And let people live better. And most people are happy in the country.

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