Autistic brother The victim is badly injured. I do not know why.

Super Granny furious! The sisters, 12-year-old sisters who are autistic, raping, bloody rapes, do not stop. Grandma was having sex filled with cucumber. But the doctors have found signs of rape and the ne …

On 27 August, 61 journalists received complaints from relatives of Mrs Sommai (73), the grandmother of A. Je (nickname) 12 years old, who lives in the Sadao area. That is why I am here. Defeat your sister to rape yourself. The incident took place on Monday August 20, 2061 at the time of the afternoon. And to report neutrality on August 21, but no progress. I want the media to help the media drag the criminal to punish.

Ms. Sommai Yai of the granddaughter of Autistic said that Mr. Eu was Mr. Banana (nickname), 22 years old, is a brother-in-law, along with Miss. I've been doing this for a few years now. See as co-conspirator the source of the man for bananas.

As the sister of the Somma Yai. And the grandmother of Miss Macro has come to see the event. I have a question that what I am saying is that I have a gourd that has taken cucumbers in the sister's penis. bleeding And called the father of the child. The bloody nose to the hospital to the hospital, but to the hospital. The doctor discovered that the bleeding was a lot. Like rape The family members have tried to question the gastronomic Mao, but Gao Mao is the same.

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