Big flew to the south. Land of Ranong I did not expect any political results.

Big flew to the Ranong area, do not repeat the political promise. I do not know what to do. Won people in the country. Do not conflict Anyone must be under the same umbrella …

On August 20, Prayut Chansuwan, Prime Minister at the Cabinet Arrival in the Auditorium Phraya Damrongsri Mahidol Phakdi. Ranong Government Office To meet the people and witness the ceremony of giving the country book to the community. Government Policy Total Conversion In the National Forest There are 84 cases of 98 & # 39; channel & # 39; conversations.

Prime Minister reiterated that the government came to solve the problem that had accumulated in all aspects. It is political, economic and social, with 20 years of national strategy as a guideline for development. All parties must cooperate and adapt. Do not wait and do not hope for the government, just like the past. According to the government of King Rama IX, we must be prepared to face every problem on our own. And repeat the meeting area. Do not expect political results. But to follow the progress to solve the problem for the people. At the same time, the step has been taken to enforce legal measures in the past. This government does not plague anyone. I want to do everything right away. The government will supervise the new government to take the lead.

Moreover, the media has the blame. The prime minister has solved the traffic problems within 3 months, indicating that personally does not mean that it has to be resolved within 3 months, because nobody can. Whether it is the angels or the neck of the first Ranong. But means All agencies involved in the proposal to solve traffic problems within 3 months using different technologies. Improve the function of traffic police. If you can not offer a plan. Traffic police must be punished. I do not know that the three-month period can not solve the problem of traffic congestion in Bangkok and surroundings. I'm sorry, but I can not respond to anyone. I have to use this forum to make clear which personally does not argue with anyone. Except that someone has an argument with himself.

This area. Do not expect political results. As the political hope. I have been in the area since the first year, but in the period. The government must fight and resolve the conflict, the protests of people in the country, so let's not happen again. Otherwise what this government has done over the last 4 years has been wasted, so politics must be creative, not destructive, otherwise everything will return to itself. All important people must be under the same law, not the poor, the rich, the police or the soldier, because in both good and bad countries.

When the Prime Minister Journey to the Ranong Hospital Visit Ratsu Warin Hot Spring Including the operation of a rehabilitation center for alternative medicine. And to hear the instructions of the Center's operations. Visit the therapeutic center Thai traditional medicine and acupuncture clinic Before you travel to Ranong Port. Ban Khao Nanghon To visit Ranong Port Management. A brief overview of the development of Ranong Port And give art coral to the people.

In the afternoon, the prime minister will meet the people. And visit the water management. Chumphon Monkey Project and Kham Mai Bridge in the Nong Yai Area Development Project, Tambon Bang Pue, Amphoe Mueang, Chumphon Province and the worship of King Naresuan. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Also visit the sandy beach of Krom Luang Chumphon. Hat Sai Ri Amphoe Mueang, Chumphon

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