Big joke expects arrest warrant for owner of Samui Times-CSI LA

"Big Joke" expects to release "Samui Times" and "CSI LA" page Angry and raped by a British girl on Koh Tao. Within today Data import costs are incorrect. More than 20 people share a towel. Aim for a summons.

Paholyothin – At 31.00 on 31 August 2018, Major General Surachit Khunkul, Deputy Commander of the Royal Thai Armed Forces, spoke about a case of rape and rape by a British girl on Koh Tao. Chakkrit Chaijinda, MD, has assigned him. With the research team It is composed of Major General Pridi Phongsethan, deputy chief inspector of the police, who has examined all aspects of the witness. Including simulation. The tide The physical characteristics of the point where the drink is. The high water level. He also says that he is sitting on the beach. On the day of the full moon, 14 twilight, midnight to one Therefore the point is high water.

It also has the issue that said. Dumped from that point. To take rape on the rocks or rocky terrain is almost 300 meters, the day is the day the World Cup football. That is why security staff are more than normal. People are more normal. Bring someone to the sea. The light shines brightly with the full moon. The photo is clear. If you have to carry people, you have to see a number of people.

"It's a good thing," he said. I noticed that I was crying at the hotel. When asked, it was said that he had sex with Mr. Martin. One in four friends came to the hospital. But this young girl is not interested. Travel back to Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. The investigation showed that Martin had returned to the same hotel again. I was told that the victim was off the mark. And Mr. Martin traveled to Koh Tao. I did not notice that. I was attacked, but to say that. The victim was raped by someone else. The researcher was informed. Phone call and money 3,000 baht and lost documents

"In case of this case is terminated Because there is no evidence Both forensic evidence And the question I have a real rape incident The commander has stated that he will not protect the police officers who refuse to fulfill their duties. complaint has not been received, it is strictly disciplined and criminal, to protect Thailand's reputation and attractions, "Maj said. Gene. Surachet.

That is not the point. They and the working group reported on the progress with the British consulate in Thailand. Earlier, the consulate did not receive a complaint from the victim. So far it has not been done right. Both in Thailand and in England. The mother has still not provided. And the consul will examine the scene. Only when the victim was informed about the first, the British consulate also praised the work of the Thai police. Are taken seriously It shows confidence and trust from day one until now. The consulate accelerates the investigation of different aircraft. That confirms that the actual incident. And send it to the Thai authorities. Confirm that for now. No proof of any evidence. This confirmed that the incident actually took place.

"The past" Koh Tao "once had a case where tourists reported false, to get insurance money in their own country, and were prosecuted for three untruths, with the black and deported to Thailand strictly forbidden, but if there is more new evidence It is ready for the image of Thailand, "said Deputy Prime Minister.

Gene. Surachet In the end. In this case, the warranty of the page gets a warning page with two pages, the Samui Times and the CSI LA page. To create a deterioration of tourism. And the image of Thailand. The page owner's identity can now be verified. Page Samui Time is a foreigner, while CSI LA is Thai. The arrest warrant is expected today. For incorrect data import More than 20 people share the same information. I will also distribute the information.

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