Boss Winsin! The & # 39; Endurance Doctor & # 39; lost a nice funny night (clip)

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From the case of Dr. Thitiphan Mek, surgeon, cardiothoracic and thoracic surgeon. Sirikit Heart Center and Srinagarind Hospital Khon Kaen University Has posted a story on social assistance to find 80,000 surgical lens glasses that were stolen from hospital until the end of the night. Latest stories from doctors Come back to the issue in the social world. After placing a picture of the doctor's place of residence with the endocrine doctor. (Click here to read news)

& # 39; Team online & # 39; Dr. Thirachai Wuttiwong, professor at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences University of Kasetsart Place via personal Facebook, tell the impression to the endurance doctor, endurance or in media freedom. And the Center for Human Resources Coordinating at the State Higher Education Institutions (CHES) is Dr. Nidi because he is a good person.

Doctor Mick … you're a very nice guy. And like to work collectively The doctor called the teacher once. Maybe to work in another hospital in Udon Thani. Because the family was there. You're not going to the doctor. The doctor is sacrificed as a medical professor at Khon Kaen University.

Helping people in difficult cases. And help the younger students to learn as a cardiologist. To help the brothers in the Northeast. Oh think Khon Kaen University should keep this right.

Many socialites come to the comments in the body part of the doctor. Usually a joke. And cute Including to talk about the family doctor. And budget for maintenance. As a result, the social world now shares the image and life of government officials.

(Thanks to photos & information from Facebook, Phutdhawong, Beebie Jun-Chan, Thiti Chanmayka)

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