Bullets hit the tibia! Employees shoot soldiers. Sit down

"Cowboy Army Riding Club", a small army officer, took a short shotgun to check. Do not miss the floor. The gun was shattered, no blood was spilled. Sit down and die

At about 11 am on August 22, 61, Boonsong Wit, SAO, Mae Hong Son Province, Chiang Mai was informed of the dead in the residence of the office building. In Military Units Department of Animals and Agriculture, 3rd Army Department Known as the gentle hill, Cowboy Army Riding Club, Don Kaew, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, along with Mae Rim police officers and doctors at Nakorn Ping Hospital, Mae Rim.

The scene is a military space in the room. Meet the dead in sitting position and blood on the floor. The name is Mr. Supot Yoddee, 58 years old, living on 34/1 Moo 4, Mae Sa, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, is a permanent member of the Animal and Agriculture Division. velvety The condition of the wound is that the left side of the wound is a large wound. Dried blood I have been dying for hours. No other lesions were detected. And the dead died from the wounds. Because of a lot of blood. The doctor first examines the wound. Many bullets resemble hunting guns. To the left. The direction of the bullet to the shaft to the legs.

An investigation of the scene found a short shotgun. In the shelves on the table is a cover of firearms in the bird's nest. In the firearms with the gun shelling 1 shot, but not yet shot from the gun. There is a mortar with scratches in the area. In comparison with firearms. Compatible fit The assumption was that Armed with a pistol the cylinder fell to the ground. And guns on the handle of the dead. Bleeding and bleeding. I died in the house.

The police have investigated. The first person who told me that I came to work. Can not make contact with the dead. Then look at the house. All doors and windows were closed. I saw the dead in sitting position and the blood flowed to the ground. Reported to the supervisor. Then the overseer decided to use the door. I know that Mr Supot. Have died I have to inform police officer Mae Rim.

Police officers still have to conclude that they have to wait for the results of an autopsy or accident. Get on

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