Called a young businessman It is a lottery 3 hundred thousand unfolding teacher is a big book.

The businessmen of the restaurant in Chonburi, the center of the dimes, was the sixth underground lottery, but the dealer paid only half of the remaining three hundred thousand refused to pay. I know it's illegal, but it's good. Before we start, the teacher is a special dealer.

(August 25) Reporter reported that 45-year-old Uraiwan, a business owner of a restaurant in Chonburi, has provided evidence on the underground lottery through the application line to the Thammathirat Open University, Nakhon Ratchasima. By the bailiff. Government officials After buying a lottery with a big dealer in Chum Phuang and was rewarded with a lot of money. But the dealer did not pay. The compensation amounted to 340,000 baht, while the police of Chulalongkorn found evidence to indicate that there are lottery contests in the area.

Mrs. Uraiwan provided information that she was buying a lottery ticket from a big banker, called a teacher at a special school in Nakhon Ratchasima, starting from the beginning of 2018. Each period was 40,000-50,000 baht. A bit Banker normally pays 3 baht, 500 baht, 100 baht and 2 baht 70 baht

On the last day of July 16, the investor bought the lottery ticket with the money of 48,000 Baht, it received 3 prizes (1,000 multiplied 1,000) and 2 above. Only 300,000 baht, the remaining 340,000 baht do not pay.

The school has 4 rounds, but every time I say. I have to transfer money to someone else. And challenge them. This is the behavior of the lottery dealer. Do not buy directly with customers. So come out and ask for honesty. I know that illegal play illegally. The police arrested the prosecutor. Call for the mediation process Or out of tolerance. They also asked the agency to investigate the behavior of this special teacher.

I came out to inform the Lottery officials. To be an example. A lot of money to buy lottery. If you get a lot of money. Risk of not receiving the prize money.

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