Catch the young worms glide! I just came out of prison.

The young man stole his worm and went to a former prisoner. Just out of prison A homeless man without home I do not know what to do.

On 16 August at 4 pm the reporter was informed by Lieutenant Colonel Wiwat Asawiwiboon, MD, Thanyaburi Policemen who investigate the Thanyaburi police station, Mr Chakra or Pete Light 25 years old at home, 151 Moo 3, Khok Samrong, Khok Samrong, Lopburi, along with the backpack arrest. 1 brown bicycle, 1 golden bicycle and amulet. On the accusation of burglary at night The use of vehicles to facilitate the offense or to take possession of the property or to escape the arrest. Theft of traders' property. At the entrance of the village of Praamaporn Moo 4, Bueng Yet Tha Buri, Pathum Thani in the middle of August 21.

The police said that after the police had been informed that a criminal was stolen. In the shops of the traders. The village of Prapatorn. CCTV cameras can record the behavior of the villains who steal and steal a secret to help themselves. It is a shock to the traders. The police investigated the investigation of the camera. I know that the villains are Mr. Chakra or Phetchaboon, 25 years old, who was arrested last year by Thanyaburi's investigation department for theft. A homeless person No root But often like to sleep in the Sala. I went to watch. I did not find it until the police drowned until noon, the accused bicycle. The officer appeared and searched. Find the middle of it. Before the detainee came to investigate.

Mr. Chakra or Big Phetchkum, 25, accused the confessor. I have been released about 4-5 months and no more work. It is stolen, stolen, easy to sell, easy. To bring money to life. By the day of the scene of theft in the store in the village of Ramaporn. Then emotionally I helped myself. After the property is sold until 100-200, money is already available. The clothes that cause the cause of their disappearance. Because they will not wash clothes. I will live at the dead overnight. The thief will wear 2-3 days, enough to smell the new clothes to find a replacement. The old set has fallen.

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