Cavaliers! Gunsmiths found in Rama II Central Sanam Luang.

August 25 at 4 pm reporters reported that in the middle of Sanam Luang Close to Thammasat University The depot discharges an old artillery body with a length of 3.05 meters, with a barrel with a diameter of 40 inches embedded in the ground at that point . The pipeline no longer works. Inform the art department and the police immediately.

Pol. Gene. Chakrit Sutnern, head of the department condemning the conquest of the war, said the joint inspection with officials from the Department of Fine Arts. Found during the reign of King Rama 2, who has a long history. At this moment the Fine Arts department has kept the cannons in the National Museum.

Earlier, three years ago, it was excavated to find three guns in the same style, where the area used to be used as storage space for the front.

However, on August 27, antiques officials The Ministry of Fine Arts will travel to view this area again.

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