"Chaiwat" dark horse transport.

The costs of the investment are made to reduce the risk of a traffic jam in Bangkok.

Gen Somsak Kaew, Genesis spokesperson for the prime minister's office, revealed that the Cabinet meeting was officially taking place (Chumphon Cabinet), Chumphon Province, to approve the transfer of nine senior officials from the Ministry of Transport. 1. Mr. Chaiwat Khunkorn The Office of Transport and Traffic Policy and Planning (OTP) is the secretary of the Ministry 2. Mr. Sarawut Songsri Vilailai Inspector General. Director of OTP 3. Ms. Ampawan Woonko, inspector of the ministry The director general of the airport department 4. Mr. Jirut Vichit Jit Director of the port district. Is the Inspector? 5. Mr Somsak Hemmang Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Is the Director General of the Port Department 6. Mr Tanin Somboon Director General, Department of Highways Deputy Permanent Secretary 7. Dhr. Anan Thongsomboon Inspector-General 8. Mr. Peerapol Thavorncharoen Deputy Permanent Secretary As the Director General of the Ministry of Land Transport 9. Mr. Sanit Phrom Vong Director-General Land Transport Department. In addition, the appointment of Mr. Anan Suwannarat, Director General of the Department of Rice. Permanent secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and cooperatives

The reporter reported that Chaiwat, who has been appointed as the new secretary of communication. It is a dark horse that came up without anyone thinking about it. The size is previously unknown. The candidate is Mr. Tanin Somboon, but only deputy permanent secretary. The cause of the director of the Department of Highways. The expenditure budget of the department has been reduced from 95% to 80%, which is in line with government policy to accelerate payment.

Chaiwat Khunkun, director of Overseas Bank Ready to work in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Transport immediately. Whether it is an urgent project. Solving traffic problems in Bangkok and surroundings This is the first time a framework. Make a master plan for the projects. When it comes to the position of permanent communication, it will continue the map and immediately and concretely continue to work. Understand the importance of every project that needs to be implemented before and after.

"Do not worry about taking the position Ready to work Although not always through the Ministry of Transport ministry, but OTP is equal to department of the department and work looks at the project plan of the entire ministry. through concrete policy, time to place concrete. "

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