Closing ceremony Tamil Twins traders

Major Agent in Central Region The network is about to be dedicated. – – – – –

The police are fighting with the spirit. Opens Tamil Twins Gangs in "Drug Trafficking" in 3 central provinces. The two are the gang leader's launderer. I'm not sure if this is the case. The twin brothers run away to the neighboring countries. The twins have been shot. This is the end of the gang implicit.

Police keep drug traffickers against gang rape At 25.00 on 25 August, Major General Sommai Pangsuk, Ph.D., Pol.Gen. Maj .. in. the rank of the intention of the police colonel ผ 2 Suporn Hiran UK medical Boon chief 1 2 Lt. Col. Sahasedsiri, Ph.D., Ph.D. (1) (2) Arrested by Ms Somkid Lertwit, 50 years old, accused of the warrant of the provincial court of Saraburi on 29/8/61 of August 22, 61, Mr. Wattana Thongchom, 29, accused by the provincial court of Saraburi on 302/61, dated 22 August. C.66 Common crimes of money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering Both arrested at the entrance of the temple, Soi Soon Soi 2, Saraso, Bano, Saraburi, while Mr. Wattana wears a Naga carriage to parade.

The arrests were made on 1-14 June, after the police opened the operation Chaiyapip Piri 61/6, the network of fruit poisoning gangs Tamil "Kissinger" The main target is Mr. Chaiwut Tharerak or the 26-year-old McKinner and Mr. Sarawut or Supachai Tharerak or the 26-year-old twin brother and the leader of the gang. "The drug trade, users in Mo Saraburi, also included in the package, Lopburi province, Ayutthaya, the rich On June 11, during the operation, Mr. Sarawut Saengsan, a brother, was shot in the area." Lop Buri Town Mr. Chaiwut Twins, who fled to escape in the neighboring countries, the investigation has extended the results of this operation: proof of the excellent mother of Mrs. Somkid, Mr. Chaiwuti and Mr. Sarawut Songpaiboon, head of the Tamil Twin Club and Mr. Wattana Thongchom, were involved in the financial route of the drug trafficking group.The money is transferred to the money and the money to buy things.Including a lot of real estate.The staff gathered evidence.At the opening of this arrest.

It is reported that before the arrest, the whole set of operations is divided into three sets, including the first in a charger to hold the suspect. Second set Equipped to control the space. Prevent the fight between the arrest. The last set is a large emergency set when an emergency situation occurs. All officers have been ambushed waiting for time. Naga parade through the meeting point at the entrance of the temple. When all the signals have been received, the operation is opened. Close – Back procession Arrest the target. It took about 5 minutes for the couple to arrive in Bangkok to investigate the country.

Ms. Somkid's investigation The preliminary one also denied that. Not involved in drug trafficking The average daily wage is 300 baht and I do not know where Mr. Chaiwat Tharerak, his twin brother escaped. As Mr. Wattana accused another in preparation for the ordination. After the first examination. There is a research officer. Phra Phutthabat police station, Saraburi to be prosecuted for drug trafficking. The arrest warrant was issued earlier.

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