Coalition lowers university budget Imagine that you are learning a mega-project.

(Associate Prof. Dr. Prasert Pinpethom)

I want to make money.

Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Prasert Pinphotom, president of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, said that in the fiscal year 2562, Thanyaburi saved a budget of 10% or more than 100 million baht. The university is budgeted at around 20% of the budget, the university has a budget of almost 10% each year. These include the construction of equipment and budgets related to investment research, as well as programs that are related to mega projects that encourage the government to launch universities. To produce new graduates who meet the development of the country, such as railway systems, railway systems, aircraft systems, etc. Because the education of these courses for the university is new to buy foreign materials.

Mr. Thanyaburi said the budget had been reduced. The university has tried to solve the problem. The University Council approved the budget on the basis of university income. This helps to support the budget deficit. Used to train teachers to train new courses abroad and to buy aircraft parts. Or train the system. To be used in teaching and learning. It also solves the problem by signing a cooperation agreement with a university in China. To send students to the university for a period of one year on the railway system, and to concentrate on creating artifacts themselves. Or you have to buy a device for the students and teachers to use in teaching. This will reduce the budget part.

"This is a downward revision, the university is not raising the tuition fee Thanyaburi is still maintaining the policy Tuition is the same, I want to leave the government to consider the allocation of education funds Do not have to declare a claim because it does not fit in the current university development In practice, the Rajamangala group conducts courses in accordance with the Mega project, must be encouraged to make no statements, because professional development can not stop, and in the future it is important to emphasize teaching and learn, "said Dr. Prasert.

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