Column: Short news: the roof of House leaking rain falling unique e Santi & # 39; s …

General news Thailand News Wed 28 Aug. 2018 00:00:59

* On Monday Reported by the Government House around 3.45 pm, while the rain fell heavily. It seems that the staff of the government of the house to stamp as the roof of peace outside the leaking building. The flow of water. And it affects the wires of the audio equipment installed in the room. The personnel must immediately bring the tank to support the running water. The carpet is to remove the water to escape from the building in Santi Maitri. Outdoor and central hall There are always problems with the roof when the rain is always heavy. Perform frequent repairs. The lawn in front of the building with a few blue water. It was heavy after rain. But soon the water dried quickly, but in October last year. This is done in the same way. In Santi Maitri Building there was water leakage from the ceiling. Floods in the central hall. Because electricity is leaking. The officer was emptied. But not deadly.

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