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Wednesday, September 19, 2561, 08.17

I took the girl to the hotel.
Dead bed

At 23:00. On 19 September 61, police lieutenant Nattapong Nutcharoen, deputy inspector (police), Wiset Chai Chan police station, Angthong province, died in a hotel. Mr. Wisit Chanchaeng, Ang Thong province, after receiving the notification, reported to the supervisor and investigated the accident on the spot, together with Pol.Lt.Vaiai Triraphan, deputy director of police. . Wiset Chai Chan Police Lieutenant Colonel Wirat Duangsang, Deputy Inspector, Investigation Team, Hundred 30, Twenty20, and Medical Examination Wuxi Chan Hospital. Stichting Volunteers Charity And the staff of the Amateur Radio Amateur Association in Angthong. On arrival at the location of the hotel room number B 23 on the bed in the room a bit found (name presumed) 19 years old. Mr. Wiset Chai Chan, Ang Thong, died in a sleeping state in a bed with short sleeves of gray. Blue Jeans Around the chair at the room to meet Miss (name presumed) 18 years old. Ang Thong, who is a little friend of death, is panicking.

When asked about the friend of the dead, she said that they had seen you at home the night before and you persuaded me to go home. Before you open the hotel room at night. Before I came to the hotel, I stopped to buy alcoholic beverages and snacks. After I arrived at the room, I sat talking until about 8:00 am, I was hungry, I gave them a ride on the motorcycle to buy rice to eat together. After you have finished eating, I can sleep. While you sleep on it I was shocked when suddenly the dead man was startled, his face tried to ask what is. You do not answer. I do not know what to do. Then put the consciousness in and call for help on number 1669. At one point the savior came to you. Find that you are dead.

Lt. Gene. Nattapong said the investigation and the on-site investigation found the dead. I will stay with my mother at home. Before the accident The girlfriend of the deceased has come and convinced her. By the way, Miss Nid said they were persuading each other to sit at home and talk for a while. Before you go out to buy a bit of rice. When they came back and ate. I was shocked, pale and died later. No trace of fighting from the on-site investigation. The body of the deceased does not find traumatic or traumatic injuries. The policeman with the hospital. Expected deaths from sudden cardiac arrest. However, the body was sent to the Thammasat hospital to celebrate death.

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