Dean NIDA places 4 big headlines that threaten the economic system!

On September 2, 2018 Assoc. Prof. dr. Dr. Praman Ratanadilok, Phuket Dean Faculty of Social and Environmental Development National Institute of Development Administration Place comment on the issue of economic development in Thailand, interesting that.

The state has developed a sustainable economic system. It is important for the state to create a free competitive environment. Be honest and socially responsible. It must also eliminate the economic monopoly. Do not create a monopoly.

In this period, events that threaten the free and fair economy. It is not responsible for society at least 4 big things.

1. Extension of the Kingdom of PTT to the electricity-generating company By using a GPSC subsidiary to acquire a majority stake in a large private power producer, GLOW, which may violate Article 74 of the Constitution, may prohibit the state from competing with the private sector.

What's the problem? The competitive advantage of this business model of PTT comes from the enormous amount of state capital. It is the state that destroys the economic opportunities of the individual. And it will lead to undermining the system of free and fair economic competition. This is the key to the economic development and innovation of the country.

Eventually it will also create an economic monopoly. And increase social inequality.
The right choice is good. PTT ends the expansion of the kingdom, produces no electricity and has a great interest in petroleum delivery to meet the needs of the people.

PTT must be aware that the image of PTT is not good for today's society. Looks at a profitable company. And to serve the capital more than the people. It has encountered opposition from the people.

2. Expansion of the CP in the pharmaceutical company. Attempt to push the law to non-pharmacist pharmacists.

If you look at the company that CP is currently doing, you will see that. Extensive coverage of virtually every dimension of Thai life.
I think that if a state leaves someone private, it has an economic influence that exceeds its limits. The state will fall under the control of capitalist businessmen. And that is the end of democracy, both politically and economically.

With regard to CP, society must keep an eye on and closely monitor what is being done. That can violate the law. And press law enforcement agencies to legally apply to the CP company and apply the same standard as the law enforcement of the general public.

3. The EEC Special Economic Zone, which offers incentives for capitalists, both inside and outside the country, to attract those people to invest.

It is used by the state to confiscate the food of the villagers to remove the food to the capital. Non-rigorous environmental, health and social impact studies and neglect of city maps. Measures to support capitalism will become a disaster for future generations. Taxes and land lease will cause the state and society to lose income. And do not waste the chance to raise money to lighten and damage the business, which is not guilty of socially created business. What is the care for the country? Many of the measures used in the EEC are likely to become a precondition for growing social injustice. And it will increase the intensity of the conflict between the villagers. With capitalists and government officials who support the alternative to the EEC, "If they are not dismantled," it must be "abandoned."

4. It is unlikely that the dissolution of the use of toxins, the killing of grazers, the killing of humans and animals such as parachute, chlorpyrifos and glyphosate in economic crops, will stop. Food sources, water sources polluted with toxic Thai people hurt and are sicker. Ecological damage can not be estimated as a number.

Toxic business It is a matter of death. And serious social injustice. Make a profit by taking away the health and life of people.

The choice is to ban all three toxins in every plant and in every area. One day it is dangerous to add another day.

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