Digital Thailand Big Bang 2018

The movement of General Prayut Chansaacha, Prime Minister and Chief of the National Peace Corps (KBC), is the opening ceremony of the international seminar "Big Bangs Thailand Big Bang": "Thailand Big Data" at Challenger 1 – 3, IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center, Muang Thong Thani, this event develops and manages the city in the form of Smart City, which makes the clients quite tangible, because it is capable of publishing in the world, Thailand has today introduced digitally to improve and improve costs. stimulating, developing competitiveness Ready to invest in all aspects This will become the information center of the region with Planning Follow-up and support from the government To bring Thailand to the future with stable and stable digital technology Although the security is very is strict.

During the afternoon at 1 pm, Mr. Kirill Barsky, ambassador of the Russian Federation to Thailand. Will pay tribute to the Prime Minister Subsequently, at 14.00, the Prime Minister chairs the meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee, 1/2561 in the Phakdee Bodin building. Government House

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