Discover it !! KNU Education Missing Puzzle

Won helping people to find "lost" at the KNU director of education.

KNU KNOWLEDGE MISCONCEPTION MISCELLANEOUS MESSAGE The latest information is found circuit board circuit, Mochit Bus Station has been arrested, see or know the whereabouts, help inform 191.

August 22, 61 reporters The person named "Yoong Robinson" posted a message on his personal Facebook page: "Tell the missing man, Mr. Thongchai, his friend Karen has disappeared by a lost person, I have suffered from an auto- bad luck to the brain. "Finally, CCTV cameras are recorded, this is my first message. (He is a prominent figure of KNU ethnicity.

In addition, the image of Mr. Thongchai Pengyao, 46, including 15 photo & # 39; s posted on Facebook. And check that. The person named "Ying Robinson" is a policeman under the jurisdiction of the provincial police. He is also a good friend of Thongchai Pengyeo and he joined his friends and family. Keep up the good work.

Because everyone is afraid that Mr. Thongchai. To be damaged by the accident. Or not at home Because Mr. Thongchai Symptoms of the brain as a result of an accident. To put a picture on Facebook, we hope that someone can see and help you. If you have any questions, call the radio center 191 or call the coordinator at 09-4959. -2996

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