Do not charge military recruits. Thai military training

Do not charge military recruits. Military training from Kacha

BBC Thai – The police still have to be accused of military recruitment of 3 people who are soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, soldiers, camps, ransom, camp, hospital, 31, 3, 3 Lopburi, while the medical team was attacked. Ananda Mahidol Hospital The last manifesto of the army is in crisis due to the swelling brain. Physical examination on the first day of treatment. No bruises have been found on the body.

Major General Chatchaval Buranrat, Ananda Mahidol Hospital, Lopburi, with a team of doctors. Kacha Pacha, 22, a 3rd Infantry Division soldier, 31st Infantry Division, Lop Buri Province, was mistreated and severely injured. Was taken to the hospital late at night on August 21st.

Major General Chatchawan remarked that the Kachin soldiers were unconscious, the doctor had not felt, the first aid department did not detect a pulse and did not breath. The doctor then saves 2 times for 45 minutes. But must also place the fan. There are also kidney failure. No physical examination of the bruised lesion was detected.

Do not charge military recruits.
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"The person who sent the report explains that the patient was unconscious at the company We do not know if there is a disease or what happened before we arrived History of other injuries We have not been informed. were no signs of it, "said one of the doctors.

Maj. Chatchawan said that the army of Kacha did not cause any damage to the internal organs. Lung function normal. Ribs are normal.

"No bleeding in the abdomen, spleen, liver, lungs, nothing to tear"

The most recent symptom of cardiovascular events today is cardiac arrest after normal dosing. It also requires a gas mask. Nervous system I do not feel the swelling of the brain, which occurs on the day after the patient. Caused by short-term oxygen shortness of breath. But the brain also swells patients in crisis.

Ms. Rungruedee Saivong, the mother of Kacha troops, revealed that he had visited the son from the first day and said that he was shocked when his son was born. She insisted that the son was strong. No illness The claim that the caretaker and the adult officer were well taken care of. But also make sure that the child has this terrible.

The police are not charged with military recruitment.

Lieutenant Colonel Sakchai Ketsomol, head of the Lopburi Police Station, told BBC Thai that he has not yet been accused of the three older soldiers. But in the process of research. The three men confessed that they had damaged the body of the soldiers.

"He said it was a private matter, and he said there was physical abuse, but not serious But unable to provide details, because now in the research process"

He said that after the investigation. The police have sent the documents for medical advice to file a report. The parents of Kacha's soldiers have come to inform the perpetrators of the attack. If the medical opinion is that the three are the cause of the injury, the police will prosecute.

Col. Sakchai said further. Now they are all under the control of the judge's lawyer. Not in the shelter

Mayhem from the repair system?

Previously, the commander of the garrison. I agree with that. The army was attacked by three older soldiers.

The Incident Foundation is not the first case and it has turned out that in recent years there has been a traumatic event in which thousands of soldiers have been killed and injured. To be transparent. This is an incident that occurred during the supervision of supervisors. If found guilty, the perpetrator must be guilty of both criminal and criminal offenses. They will also have to compensate for serious human rights violations in this case.

The Foundation has further emphasized this. "These and many other events will be memories of the army, to take measures to prevent this happening again."

On August 23, ML Kumchai Smile, the commander of the battalion, said that as his commander. It does not hide the error from the beginning. I can catch the perpetrator. The committee has been set up to investigate disciplinary and criminal cases.

Earlier, General Chalermchai Sittatat, commander of the army, said that the wounded soldiers of the army. "No repair", but a scuffle between the soldiers and the wounded. And confirm that the repair system of the army is no longer.

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